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article imageOp-Ed: Zoe Alexander X Factor star set up for failure

By Melissa Horrocks     Aug 19, 2012 in Entertainment
Zoe Alexander, a Pink impersonator decided to sing Pink's song because the producer's of The X Factor told her too. Yet when judges rejected her she stormed off the stage, throwing the microphone to the floor.
Swearing at the judges, she went on and attacked a camera before pushing over an X Factor producer on the way off stage. Yet, Zoe Alexander had, had her dreams shattered. Furthermore, she felt completely humiliated for the sake of entertainment.
Alexander's reaction was way over the top, but what viewers did not see, was the way X Factor producers apparently treated her, for a month before the show. Producers set Alexander up for failure and it's no doubt that this annoyed her to the point of rage.
Viewers found it was engaging television, but should people feel comfortable watching someone being exploited for entertainment's sake? Gary Barlow & Co. explained how they were not looking for a tribute act, but a star of the future. Louis explained that the judges gave Alexander, two chances, but that she came dressed as Pink. However, the Doublespeak on display was plain to see, reports
One journalist, pushed the judges about Zoe being set up, but they denied any involvement. Dermott told her that it was her decision to sing Pink, but it's plain that she was advised strongly to do so by producers. This being said, it was wrong of the way that Alexander attacked the producer and she was cautioned for doing so, according to On The Box.
For those who dream of being famous, rejection can be hard to bare. This is apparent in the way that Alexander became so aggressive. The scenes were filmed earlier in 2012, but Zoe's audition was only aired for the first time, last night. People on forum's are talking about the audition and it has angered, many viewers. Nicole Scherzinger was taken aback at the way that angry Zoe reacted. Zoe looked set to be successful and was confident in her approach. Zoe assured judges that she wanted to develop her own identity and not the singer Pink, who she impersonated.
When Zoe received four Nos from the judges she stormed off the stage in a fit of anger. Zoe threw the microphone, grabbed the cameraman and knocked his camera to the floor, reports Daily Mail.
I've watched Zoe Alexander on Youtube and I think she is pretty good. I feel sorry for the way the judges made her feel. She's a girl with big dreams and it's important to dream big in this life. This clip of Zoe Alexander is taken from one of her tribute shows.
See also the audition from last night's X Factor. Let me know what you think.
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