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article image'Expendables 2' wins it — Batman passes 'Hunger Games'

By Tim O'Brien     Aug 19, 2012 in Entertainment
While watching "The Expendables 2" did "The Love Boat" ever cross your mind? It seems that certain movies and TV shows are simply designed to give those actors who haven't seen any work of late, a paycheck.
"The Love Boat' does come to mind with that as do many of the reality shows.
Now, with that out of the way, "The Expendables 2" did win the weekend at the box office. As noted in Friday's report here, it would likely be a slow weekend at the top, as it was. With a take of $28 million, Sly and family beat out a weak field, it seems. To others, it may be the fact that there are many films in which to choice. On that note, seven films were in double digits with their hauls, as the summer glut continues.
Sure, many kids are heading back to school or have already, but is there another reason? Take for example a bomb threat and the idea that many are staying away from crowded places like a theater perhaps. The Aurora shootings may be playing a factor, a little. The threat came into the Carmike Cinemas chain of theaters.
1. "The Expendables 2" - $28.7 million
2. "The Bourne Legacy" - $17 million
3. "ParaNorman" - $14 million
4. "The Campaign" - $13.8 million
5. "Sparkle" - $12 million
Meanwhile, back at the turnstiles, "The Dark Knight Rises" has officially gone over $400 million and now passed "The Hunger Games" to perch it at No. 2 for the year. So, the other list deals with just that - the top grossing films of the year so far.
Year-to-date, domestically
1. "The Avengers" - $617.6 million
2 - "The Dark Knight Rises" - $409 million
3. "The Hunger Games" - $407 million
As Batman continues to climb, it sits on the No. 12 all-time, domestically, as well. In total, the box office is on the way to am impressive year at it is at $7.3 billion. The record year of 2009 was $10.269.6 billion and was at $6.936.6 billion at this point that year. That year also saw "Avatar" take over as the highest grossing film of all-time. This year already has "The Avengers" at No. 3 on that list and impressive outings with "The Hunger Games, "The Dark Knight Rises," plus, another installment of "Twilight" is approaching.
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