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article imageVideo: Cancer patient 'Eric's Confession Final' is heartbreaking

By JohnThomas Didymus     Aug 19, 2012 in Internet
Two Rivers - Eric McLean, 28, has spent most of his life fighting Leukemia. He began documenting his ordeal on YouTube in 2009. After his doctors told him he had lost the fight, he posted his 109th video on August 14, titled "Eric's Confession Final."
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Eric McLean is from Two River, Wisconsin. According to the Daily Mail, he has been posting video diaries on YouTube since 2009, keeping family, friends and followers informed about the progress of treatment of his illness. But now, in his final emotional farewell video, he reveals that he has lost the battle against leukemia.
The Huffington Post reports Eric's struggle with Leukemia lasted almost 10 years. According to the Daily Mail, Eric's farewell video comes after the seventh relapse of the disease.
The Daily Mail reports McLean was first diagnosed of Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) when he was only 19, in 2003. But he overcame the disease after a stem cell transplant from his older brother Mike and two rounds of chemotherapy. On Christmas Eve 2007, soon after he graduated from college, the cancer relapsed. He underwent another round of chemotherapy and received stem cell transplant, this time from his younger sister Lindsey. He was fine for two years until June 2009 when the illness relapsed once again. This time his doctors told him there was no hope of curing the illness.
Eric McLean
Eric McLean
According to Fox 11, in 2009, McLean made a bucket list, and went off "sky diving, throwing out the first pitch at a Brewers game, driving a dodge viper and one year ago, getting married."
In spite of the poor prognosis for his illness, he underwent intensive treatment and was "cured." He told Fox 11: “It's a miracle that I'm sitting here talking to you, that I'm doing this interview. I'm thankful that I have leukemia because I know somewhere else in this world someone is having a heck of a lot worse day than I am.”
But the illness relapsed once again in January 2011. Once again, he overcame it in May, just in time for his July wedding with Cari. But one day after the couple returned form their honeymoon, Eric found the disease had returned again. He underwent treatment once more and he was "cured."
On March 7, 2012, the illness returned yet again, appearing in his bone marrow and brain. He underwent brain surgery, but the bone marrow cancer could not be treated. His doctor told him last month there was nothing more they could do.
Now with his voice cracking, Eric tells us "The title of this video is Eric's confessions final... because this is the end. We got some really bad news last week and there's nothing we can do."
Eric McLean
Eric McLean
According to Eric, his doctors say 96 percent of his cerebral nervous system is cancerous and that there is no hope of survival left for him. He explains: "My sciatic nerve is being crushed by cancer so badly that I'm in some of the worst pain you can imagine." He adds tearfully: "I tried so hard. I fought so hard, but the fight is over."
His recalls the several remissions and relapses of his illness, saying he retained a positive attitude all through his trials. He explains: "Any time we wanted to try an experimental drug, or whatever it was, I stood up to the plate. I swung my bat."
Eric weeps as he thanks his family, his wife Cari, and says: “God, is it scary. There is so much I want to say, so much… I’m 28 years old. I’m going to miss everyone. My family, brothers and my sister, my parents, my wife Carrie. I love you so much, babe, I love you so much."
He also thanks Harley Davidson, describing the company where, according to Daily Mail, he worked as a program analyst for more than four years as "the best company in the world."
He explains that the expected survival time for patients with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia is 18 months, but he survived 10 years. He says: "I tried so hard. I fought so hard. But the fight is over... My doctor says I won. I won. I got to believe him. There’s nothing else I could have done. I fought to the end. I never said no. The ballgame is over guys."
Eric McLean and wife Carrie
Eric McLean and wife Carrie
He closes with one final farewell: "I‘m going to say bye for the very last time. I love you all.Thank you all and I hope you live long, very happy lives. This is me saying peace, love."
Eric's family has founded a charity called L.I.F.E (The Leukemia Ironman Fundraiser for Eric). The Huffington Post reports Eric's brother Mike explained: "All money that we fundraised for the first 5 years of our existence was handed over to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society so they could put it towards research and patient care. But I thought we could do a better job than the reported 70 percent that they were doing with it going to the causes, so we've been working hard to make it 100 percent dollar-for-dollar."
According to The Huffington Post, L.I.F.E. supports cancer patients and research. The aim is to "perpetuate McLean's unrelenting positivity and determination."
"Eric's Confession Final" was posted on Tuesday last week and viewers have been wishing McLean and his family the best in the last lap of his life's arduous journey.
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