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article imageOp-Ed: I'm hoping the NHL and NHLPA kill the golden hockey goose again

By Marcus Hondro     Aug 17, 2012 in Sports
Let's begin here: I love hockey and while I enjoy my son's games more than NHL games, I enjoy the NHL. So what's the but? The 'but' is I look forward to the NHL and NHLPA collectively killing the golden goose again with a work stoppage.
They BOTH make too much money and there's nothing fans will ever be able to do about that. If someone put up a website - and I think someone has - and said 'hey, NHL fans, let's band together and boycott games until we're included at the bargaining table' would you join? You think anyone else would?
If we all did join together, and yeah, we won't, but if we did, we could negotiate the price of tickets and even merchandise prices. Not negotiate a fair piece of the hockey pie but rather make sure we're not creating too big a pie for them to divvy up. But you and I know it's never gonna happen, and they know it. They don't have to stick their hands into our pockets for our money, we're slapping it at them faster than a Zdeno Chara point shot.
Lock-outs saves NHL fans time, money
Just like players can't stop bashing one another in the head and owners can't stop outbidding one another, we can't stop giving them our money. The difference is that increasingly there are rules to help players stop targeting the head, and owners seek more rules to help end overspending in the name of building a winner, but there never will be rules to help us stop paying to them exorbitant amounts of our comparatively meager paychecks.
But we have labor stoppages, stoppages that in effect are rules governing our NHL spending and another lock-out would help to do just that. Another stoppage - let's say only half the season this time - will give us respite to spend more time with the kids and more time exercising ourselves. We discovered seven years ago that there is all manner of possibilities when it comes to finding things to do to fill our time; we also found out that having no NHL hockey forces us to save oodles of money.
Negotiations between NHL and NHLPA
In negotiations, each are in that posturing mode whereby they make remarks about the other side and how they can't negotiate alone and blah blah etcetera etcetera, ad infinitum. On the one hand Gary Bettman and Bill Daly are talking about how they're doing this for the health of the game. On the other players like Chris Campoli are chastising owners for their greed and suggesting the players are only getting, and only asking for, a reasonable amount.
Are the owners kidding? They wouldn't be investing so heavily in their franchises if they didn't get a giant return. If some aren't making it then those that are should help their brethren along. And is Chris Campoli kidding? Zach Parise and Ryan Sutter just signed virtually identical contracts for $98 million over 13 seasons. And those contracts are front-end loaded, including $10 million signing bonuses, payable even if there's a work stoppage
It's out of control, has been for years, so let the two sides kill the golden goose called the 2012-13 season like they did the 2004-05 season. Take half the season off or even go the whole season. Go ahead, guys, because while you're quarreling over a million here and a billion there, we'll be saving it - and having fun along the way.
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