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B.C. girl, 5, calls 911 after mother collapses (audio)

By Arthur Weinreb     Aug 16, 2012 in World
Rebekah Simpson is being hailed as a hero for dialing 911 after her mother collapsed in the family's backyard. She managed to stay on the line and provide sufficient information to get medical help for her mom.
Olena Simpson suffers from epilepsy. Yesterday morning she was at home when she suffered a seizure and collapsed. She was the only adult home and Rebekah was there with her two brothers, aged three and one.
The 5-year-old wasted no time dialing 911. She told the 911 operator, Chelsea Chang, "My mommy fell down in the backyard and she wouldn't get up." After Chang asked Rebekah if she tried to wake her mother up, the little girl said, "Yeah, but she wouldn't wake think you can come here?"
Chang replied, "We're coming and we're going to be coming fast." Rebekah managed to stay on the line long enough and provide sufficient information for emergency personnel to quickly arrive at the home. Olena, who suffered some scrapes when she fell, was revived and is expected to be just fine.
Olena told CTV News that after being revived, she was shocked at what happened because she never taught Rebekah how to dial 911. She said, "I guess her grandparents have kind of mentioned it to her. I was actually quite proud."
Rebeka's mother was not the only proud parent. Her father, Wade Simpson, who was at work when his wife had the epileptic seizure, told 24 Hours, "She's way advanced for five. She retains. It's amazing how much she can remember."
Wade added that he would have panicked a bit more than his daughter did.
As CBC reports, Rebekah was invited to the West Shore detachment of the RCMP where she was given a trauma bear. RCMP Sgt. Danny Willis said, "She was able to meet the dispatcher and the dispatcher was able to talk to her face to face and tell her how proud she was of the fact she called 911 and answered the questions."
The RCMP are advising parents to teach their children how to make 911 calls.
The West Shore detachment released the tape of the 911 call that can be heard here.
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