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article imageU.S. intelligence veterans to hit Obama on leaks

By Larry Clifton     Aug 15, 2012 in Politics
Washington - President Obama, whose campaign some say utilizes the Navy Seals’ highly successful Osama bin Laden mission to troll for votes, has come under fire by a group of former U.S. intelligence and Special Forces operatives.
The group is about to initiate a political ad campaign that takes Obama to task for taking credit for the killing of bin Laden and allowing “high-level leaks” that have breached national security, according to a Reuters report by Mark Hosenball and staff.
The Special Operations group, OPSEC Education Fund Inc, says it is nonpartisan and not affiliated with any other campaigns. Registered as a social welfare group, it represents the common good with political activities being secondary to its purpose.
What makes OPSEC a formidable political opponent for the Obama team is that its leaders are from inside the U.S. intelligence community, unlike the 2004 military Swift Boat ads that created doubts about Democratic nominee John Kerry's brief Vietnam War service.
The OPSEC film begins airing Wednesday; the 22-minute film criticizes Obama and his administration for using the Navy Seals in his campaign and allowing classified national security-related leaks to aid his reelection campaign.
"Mr. President, you did not kill Osama bin Laden, America did. The work that the American military has done killed Osama bin Laden. You did not," Ben Smith, identified as a Navy SEAL, says in the film, according to the Reuters piece.
It is not clear if the Smith was alluding to Mr. Obama’s recent campaign comments where he said “you didn’t build this,” referring to small business owners.
"As a citizen, it is my civic duty to tell the president to stop leaking information to the enemy," Smith continues. "It will get Americans killed."
Meanwhile, the president’s campaign released the following statement: "No one in this group is in a position to speak with any authority on these issues and on what impact these leaks might have, and it's clear they've resorted to making things up for purely political reasons."
Obama has talked up his role, and the role of his administration, in the killing of Osama bin Laden while campaigning on his foreign policy prowess. Former President George Bush ordered the capture, dead or alive, of Osama bin Laden.
Mr. Obama also talks up the draw down of troops in Afghanistan, however, there are about 40,000 more U.S. troops in Afghanistan today than when Obama took office.
Republican lawmakers have openly accused Obama of orchestrating high-level leaks of classified military information to benefit his reelection campaign.
OPSEC plans to air segments of the film on TV. The anti-leak campaign will run in battleground states like Virginia, Florida, Ohio, Colorado, North Carolina and Nevada.
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