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article imageTwo of three dogs tied to Ohio railroad tracks killed by train

By Arthur Weinreb     Aug 15, 2012 in Crime
Cleveland - In a horrific case of animal cruelty, someone tied three dogs to railroad tracks in an isolated area in the Tremont neighbourhood of Cleveland. Two of the three animals were killed but the third managed to survive.
The incident happened last Friday. Someone tied the dogs to the tracks and then watched as a train approached and ran over them.
The Sacramento Bee reports a railroad worker found the bodies of two dogs on the tracks. From a distance he saw a man tying a third dog to the tracks but by the time he got to that section of the railroad tracks, the man had gone. The third dog had been run over by a train but survived.
The witness also reported the man was either taking pictures or videos of the train travelling over the helpless animals. He hung around long enough to watch the train run over the dogs.
The bodies of two dogs and the survivor were found in the same stretch of the isolated tracks. WKYC reports that the surviving dog, a Manchester/Terrier mix, is being cared for by the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter. The shelter's kennel manager, Lesley DeSouza, was quoted as saying, "She's very lucky and very traumatized but she is coming around."
The surviving dog was small enough to lie on the tracks and remain underneath the rails as the train passed by.
Lt. Mark Ketterer is leading the investigation for the Cleveland police. He is quoted in the Cleveland Plain Dealer as saying, "It's got everyone upset over there that someone would do that. It's awful that someone did that to torture animals, and might be filming it."
As noted in the accompanying video, Tremont is a quiet area of Cleveland that has almost as many dogs as people. Residents find it difficult to believe someone could actually do this.
The three dogs were not wearing collars and did not have microchips and at the present time, it is not known who the dogs belong to. Authorities believe finding the owner or owners of the animals might lead them to the suspect.
Police in Cleveland are asking residents to contact them if they see anyone near the tracks with a dog.
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