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article imageVideo: Beagle burglar steals cabbage

By Elizabeth Batt     Aug 14, 2012 in Odd News
Dogs typically like meat, but this beagle apparently loves cabbage. As a result, a persistent Maymo goes to great lengths to steal a head of the raw stuff off the kitchen table.
Maymo is a lemon beagle with a passion for cabbage. It's the only possible explanation for the canine's dogged determination to snaffle the cabbage and turn it into coleslaw.
What the beagle doesn't realize however, is that his dastardly deed was captured on camera and he's been outed. Maymo's owner, crackrockcandy, uploaded the dog's exploits for the world to see at YouTube.
This isn't Maymo's first offense, he's done this before says his owner, but "this time he's willing to do acrobatics to knock the cabbage closer to him so he can burgle it easier."
The deft doggy is obviously adapting his strategy.
According to his Facebook page, one-year-old Maymo also likes coconut water. Can't begin to imagine how digestible those are together, but cabbage is notorious for its flatulence-inducing abilities.
Might want to throw in some Beano.
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