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article imageHindus in Pakistan facing threats and intimidation

By Ajit Jha     Aug 13, 2012 in Crime
When Pakistan was carved out of India in 1947 to form a separate nation, it was largely thought that the ethnic issues would come to an end in the state with a predominantly Muslim population.
However, according to the latest reports, the small Hindu minority in Pakistan is increasingly facing threats to its security including conversion and forced marriages of Hindu women.
Although, some of the sources in Pakistan deny the threat perception among the Hindus, facts speak otherwise. According to the same sources, almost 20 percent of Pakistanis out of some 7000, who visited India in 2011 did not return.
Meanwhile, many among the batch of Pakistani Hindus that arrived on August 13, 2012 have said that they will not return to Pakistan for the threat they perceive in Pakistan.
A Pakistani Hindu, Mukesh Kumar Ahuja who came to India with the latest batch is reportedly stated to have said: “Things are so bad for Hindus in Pakistan that we have decided that we will not return at all even though we have signed documents in Pakistan assuring authorities that we will return. We will request for asylum here. We have been forced to give up our established business there.”
According to Ahuja, forced religious conversions, kidnappings, murders and beatings against minority Hindus are routinely practiced. One of the kidnapping victims eventually murdered for not having paid the ransom amount was Ravi, Mukesh’s relative.
According to some members of the Pakistani Hindus, who arrived on August 13, 2012, hundreds of Hindu families have wanted to come to settle in India, but the Pakistani authorities have prevented the exodus.
According to Mukesh Kumar Ahuja, “There are at least 5,000 Hindu families who are waiting to move to India but the Pakistani authorities are holding them back.” According to immigration officials, over 30 Hindu families have come to India by the train.
The Hindu families coming to India from Pakistan are being forced to sign documents promising to return to India, according to sources. However, about 10 families are already camping in Amritsar city seeking asylum in India.
Some of the Indian activists are campaigning in favor of providing shelter, relief and asylum to Pakistani Hindus in India and have sought bi-lateral government intervention on the issue.
According to Deccan Herald, over 1000 Pakistani Hindu immigrants are already staying illegally in India even as their visas expired after multiple extensions. Mulakh Raj with his wife and kids is in Punjab province of India since 1997. He doesn’t want to go back. “There is nothing left for us in Pakistan. We feel safe and have a more dignified life in India."
According to a recent report published by the Sustainable Development Policy Institute:
"Four primary themes that emerge most strongly as constituting the bulk of the curricula and textbooks…are that Pakistan is for Muslims alone; Islamiat is to be forcibly taught to all the students, whatever their faith, including compulsory reading of Qu'ran; the ideology of Pakistan (sic) is to be internalised as faith, and hate be created against Hindus and India; and students are to be urged to take the path of Jehad and Shahadat.” Further, "Associated with the insistence on the Ideology of Pakistan has been an essential component of hate against India and the Hindus…”
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