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article imageInternational Left-Handers Day: 10 percenters celebrate 20 years

By Andrew Moran     Aug 13, 2012 in Science
Tadworth - Why are some people born left-handed? Scientists are unsure of the reasoning, but left-handers around the world don't seem to care and are rejoicing on the 20th annual International Left-Handers Day.
Forget the one percent. On Monday, Aug. 13, 2012, it’s all about the 10 percent. The 10 percent of left-handed people that is.
According to various estimates, there are only 10 percent of left-handers in the world, while the remaining or so are right-handed. Research has not been able to conclude why some humans are born left-handed, but the different myths have at least been debunked, such as the ancient belief that these people were evil and even the modern notion that lefties are clumsy.
International Left-Handers Day
Studies have suggested, however, that left-handers are generally more successful than righties; left-handers are more intelligent and have a 10 percent higher income.
Some quirky facts of left-handers:
- Left-handers reach puberty four to five months after right-handers
- One in four Apollo astronauts were left-handed
- Left-handers are more likely to stutter or become dyslexic
- Three times more likely to become alcoholics
- Four of the five original Mac computer designers were lefties
International Left-Handers Day was established by The Left-Handers Club in 1992 in order to celebrate the minority status and raise public awareness about both the advantages and disadvantages of being left-handed.
International Left-Handers Day
Many regions around the world began to celebrate the event by having left-handed corkscrews, left vs. right sporting games, left-handed tea parties and even encourage right-handers to be left-handed for the day.
The Left-Handers Club was also started to provide its viewpoints of left-handed items to manufacturers, businesses, research organizations and other groups. This initiative has led to some success, including the introduction of left-handed check books by major banks in the United Kingdom and parental videos on how to raise left-handed children.
Aug. 13 includes various posters with different statements, such as “As the right hemisphere of the brain controls the left side of the body then only left-handers are in their right minds” and
“With so many obstacles for left-handers to overcome every day getting it ‘right’ can look awkward.
Here is a list of the most famous left-handed people in history:
- Presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan (a total of eight left-handed United States presidents)
- Julius Caesar, Joan of Arc, Alexander the Great, Helen Keller and Jack The Ripper
- Authors H.G. Wells, Marshall McLuhan, Jean Genet and Lewis Caroll
- Actors Charlie Chaplin, Tom Cruise, Greta Garbo, Peter Lawford, Don Rickles, Marilyn Monroe and Cary Grant
- Musicians Paul McCartney, Cole Porter, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Maurice Ravel and Errol Garner
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