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article imageMan rescues moose after antlers get tangled in backyard swing set

By Marcus Hondro     Aug 13, 2012 in Odd News
Whether a moose that got his antlers stuck in a backyard swing set in Utah last week wanted to have a swing isn't known, but what is known is that he owes his freedom to a sheriff's deputy. Sgt. Lane Findlay used bolt-cutters to cut the moose loose.
"I walk up and there's this full-grown moose with three swings wrapped around its horn and it's completely trapped," Sgt. Findlay told ABC News4. "Every time I would cut one, he would feel that tension release and start to move around."
The moose was breathing heavily and clearly terrified, unable to comprehend exactly why he could not get away. Findlay had to step up, attempt a cut, and step back. The big fellow he was trying to free stood still for short periods of time as Findlay worked, perhaps sensing that his ticket to freedom was in the hands of the two-legged creature that kept coming near.
Deputy cools off freed moose
Finally freed, the moose ran about 30 yards from Findlay and the owner of the property, but it was too exhausted to go on. Findlay said that he actually had to spray the moose with water to cool it down before giving it some water, which it drank. Rested and refreshed, at last the moose headed off into the nearby woods.
Sgt. Findlay headed off to his next call.
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