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article imageStuart Butcher sells his 'American Dream' on eBay

By Melissa Horrocks     Aug 11, 2012 in Lifestyle
Tampa - Stuart Butcher sells his 'American Dream' on eBay for $3.5 million. This great package includes many extras that could sell for a lot more. Panzer Dragoon Saga and a MIB Neo Geo are included.
A man from Tampa Bay, Florida is selling his 'American Dream' on eBay. Shane Butcher was pleased to tell that he was already speaking to someone who is interested in buying his life. Although the eBay item contains a lot of value for money, it does not include his wife or child, obviously.
Butcher who is 29, is selling everything he owns, including, three fully stocked video games stores, a two-bedroom waterfront townhouse, a waterfront rental condo, three cars and two kayaks for $3.5 million. The reason why he is selling, is because he has places that he wants to visit and see, whilst he is still young. Butcher also has a young family and a dog that he is not selling.
Butcher got the brainwave after he heard a number of individuals had made successful sales on eBay. He was excited about trying new challenges and passing his success on to someone else.
Shane Butcher said, "If you build a castle, it's awesome to sell it and then start building another one, hopefully bigger and better".
Part of the deal will include training the stores' new owner for six months and one year full payment of the stores' leases and fees so that the new owner does not need to worry about them whilst trying to get used to the new gig.
Not only is all merchandise and inventory associated with R.U Game included in the price, it also comes with employees backing. All employees have promised to give 110% in supporting the new owner with the transition. Stuart Butcher has also promised to stay around for six months to help the new owner adjust to the duties required to make the business a success. As if this is not enough, a full year of Home Owners Association fees for residential properties will be covered. Another impressive fact, is that Butcher's life bundle is inclusive of Panzer Dragoon Saga and a MIB Neo Geo, both of which would sell for a high amount on their own eBay auction, reports
Stuart Butcher and his wife founded the games shop in 2009. Internet trolls have spread rumors that Butcher must be facing poverty and debt with his stores, which is why he is selling them. However, Butcher assures people that this is not so. In fact, Butcher told Forbes, “I’m in the black. Everything I have, my home, my cars, everything is paid off in full. This isn’t a fire sale, by any means,”
Once he has made the sale, he wants to travel and afterwards, return to Florida to launch a second career. Butcher is not the only person who has sold their life away on eBay. In 2008, Ian Usher sold everything - his property, hot tub, even his friends - as a way of coping with his broken marriage. He even claimed that his friends and dogs would be nice to the person who won the auction. Usher sold his life for $305,000 and he went on a world round trip. In fact, he even bought a Caribbean island. Two parents who were trying to save their sick children also discovered happiness on eBay. The parents earned $20,000 auctioning off many of their possessions, reports Huffington Post.
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