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article imageAfghan trainee and worker kill six U.S. troops within 24 hours

By Ken Hanly     Aug 11, 2012 in World
Kabul - Situations in which members of Afghan security forces and others who work for NATO forces kill western troops are becoming more common. This year alone 34 coalition troops have been killed by Afghan trainees and others.
A few attacks have involved militants simply using Afghan uniforms to gain access to bases. Others involve Taliban supporters infiltrating the armed forces and then carrying out attacks. The number of insider attacks has been growing.
In 2012 alone there have been 25 insider attacks, while in all of 2011 there were only 21. One out of every 12 American soldiers killed in 2012 was killed in an insider attack. However the commander of ISAF( International Security Assistance Force) General John Allen said:"Every case where one of these occurs,..that same day there are tens of thousands of interactions between the Afghans and ISAF forces that don't go that way."
There are still 84,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan although by October the number will decline to 68,000. There are also 40,000 troops from other countries plus 332,000 Afghan forces including army and police. All these forces are fighting an estimated 20,000 militant fighters!'
The Taliban often claim that attacks are the result of infiltration of the security forces. However a defense department official told a CBS reporter that the insiders were not insurgents. A report said:"Investigations have determined that a large majority of green-on-blue attacks are not attributable to insurgent infiltration of the ANSF (Afghan National Security Forces), but are due to isolated personal grievances against coalition personnel,"
Both recent attacks took place in Helmand province an area where Taliban influence is quite strong. Major Lori Hodge said that the most recent incident took place in the Garmser district of Helmand. An Afghan working at an installation shared by Afghans and foreign forces killed three U.S. troops.
In an earlier incident on Friday an Afghan police officer shot dead three U.S. marines after he had just shared a meal with them in Sangin province. The attack happened just before dawn in the Sangin district. In both cases the gunmen were taken into custody. No doubt there is strong opposition to foreign forces in Afghanistan not just among the Taliban but among many who are being trained to be part of the Afghan security forces.
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