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article imageOp-Ed: Obama's African heritage of drug abuse and anti-colonial hatred

By JohnThomas Didymus     Aug 11, 2012 in Lifestyle
Nairobi - George Hussein Onyango Obama, Barack Obama's Kenyan half-brother, is getting plenty of attention with his history of drug, alcohol abuse and life in a slum neighborhood somewhere in the "dark continent."
This is th einterview
George is the youngest of the seven children fathered by Barack Hussein Obama, Snr. He released a book in January 2010, co-written by journalist Damien Lewis, titled, "Homeland: An Extraordinary Story of Hope and Survival." George was rumored to have struck a six-figure deal with the book.
According to The Huffiington Post, he was born six months before his father died. His book tells of how he fell into crime and poverty as a teenager and his transition into a community organizer and his advocacy for the poor. According to David Rosenthal, Simon & Schuster publisher: "Even had George Obama not been our President's half brother, his story is moving and inspirational."
But, according to a recent article by Andrew Malone, published in the Daily Mail, George presently spends his time drinking chang' aa. Malone describes chang'aa as a local spirit,
"...laced with ethanol, embalming fluid or battery acid to give it more kick... this substance is regularly blamed for causing blindness and death. A glass costs about 10p and, after just five small shots, even hardened drinkers can barely remember their own name. Regular users suffer liver and kidney failure, as well as mental impairment known as ‘wet brain.'"
We can only assume that George has squandered the six-figure income he made from his book "Homeland." Malone states that "the money from his book went on drink, drugs and a two-month sojourn with his hangers-on in Mombasa, the country’s stunning beach resort."
Malone's Daily Mail article debunks the impression given in George's memoir that he "turned his back" on his middle-class Kenyan upbringing to live among the poor, giving the impression it was a choice. Malone quotes the book's precis that says: "George chooses to live in the Nairobi ghetto, where he works to help the ghetto-dwellers, and especially the slum kids, overcome the challenges surrounding their lives." George himself is quoted as having said: "My brother has risen to be the leader of the most powerful country in the world. Here in Kenya, my aim is to be a leader among the poorest people on Earth: those who live in the slums."
Malone works hard to puncture the romantic notion of the brother of the President of the United States who chose to live a community organizer in Huruma, one of Nairobi's worst slum neighborhood. Malone, after meeting George, asserts:
"Such, apparently, is his devotion to good works that many Kenyans want George to stand for President, believing anyone sharing the name and blood of the most powerful politician on the planet can transform their lives. But, as I discovered, this may prove beyond George. Indeed, standing — let alone talking much sense or walking in a straight line — is tricky for the U.S. President’s brother much of the time, due to his chronic addiction to drink and years of drug abuse.Nor is there anything heroic and altruistic about his motives for living in the slums. His principal reason is that the potent local moonshine is cheap and readily available here, as is cocaine, heroin and marijuana."
Malone concludes that the reason behind George's decision to settle in Huruma is to engage in his self destructive lifestyle without attracting attention to himself. Malone writes:
"Friends tell me he used to live in a much bigger house in a better area, and is given the room in Huruma now for free out of charity because he is down on his luck. All the people in the township know George as a drunk, for all his claims to be a practising Muslim, and friends have urged him to seek help. ‘He’s a madman, really ill, but he doesn’t know he is,’ says Tony, from the football club. ‘He’s in black-out most of the time. We hope the Obama name will help our area. But George seems cursed.'"
Malone sets out to paint a picture of George's personality that would certainly embarrass his big brother in the White House:
"...after shaking hands, I make a mistake. I invite George to lunch at my hotel. For the next two days, he lays siege to my mini-bar, invites a succession of girlfriends and ‘security advisers’ to wine and dine at my expense, and behaves like he is a famous, spoilt celebrity. He also repeatedly demands ‘kitu kidogo’ — Swahili for something small, which, of course, means something large and financial — and is appalled when I refuse to hand out cash to his assorted girlfriends."
Malone notes that officially, George is the co-ordinator of the Huruma Football Club, a township team made up of orphans, former prisoners and reformed drug addicts. But Malon says that in reality the title is only decorative. He comments that George spends virtually every day "getting drunk or sleeping off the effects."
Malone gives a background on George's upbringing:
"George grew up in a middle-class Nairobi suburb with his mother, who married again, to a white man, a French aid worker — a fact he blames for his subsequent rebellion. ‘I was the only guy with a white father in my street. I wanted to be the same as the other black kids,’ he says.
"Drinking and smoking marijuana by the age of ten, five years later he was thrown out of boarding school.. for taking drugs. He admits that after becoming addicted to cocaine and heroin at 17, he became an armed robber to pay for drink and drugs. Living with his ‘black brothers’ on the streets, he was jailed in 2003, accused of playing a part in an attempted armed robbery.
"Held on remand for nine months before being acquitted for lack of evidence."
Then Malone tells us drug use and addiction runs in the Obama family:
"Of course, George is following in something of a family tradition: the father he and the President share was also a notorious drunk and habitué of township Chang’aa bars..... his heavy drinking spiralled out of control: after fathering George to his fourth wife Jael in Kenya, he died six months after the birth in a car crash in 1982...
"Of course, George is not the only Obama sibling to have tried drugs. President Obama was a habitual drug-user in his teens and 20s. He tried cocaine. He was also a member of the ‘Choom Gang’ — slang for a group of dope smokers who used to drive round Hawaii getting stoned."
George, Barack Obama's doppelganger in Nairobi?
The avid interest in George shown by conservative writers and media goes beyond mere human interest. The target is the man in the White House, whom they imagine should loathe to be reminded of his connections with the "dark continent." The conservative website The Blaze, expresses the conservative calculation succinctly: "President Barack Obama may be less-than-content over reports that his half-brother, George Obama, appears in '2016: Obama’s America,' a documentary that is highly critical of the president. But now that footage from the film has leaked, the frustration level at the White House — and within the Obama family — could be slated to rise exponentially.
For those who see in President Obama, the embodiment of the nebulously defined enemy, as The Grio describes it, "the socialist dictator, terrorist sympathizer, neo-Black Panther, anti-colonial Marxist," he is their worst clannish nightmare of the evil, scheming infiltrator come true. For conspiracy theorists and Biblical prophesy star-gazers, Obama does not help matters with his "questionable background," a middle name he shares in common with Saddam Hussein and a last name that sounds like a cryptic version of Osama bin Laden.
George Obama finds himself under the scrutiny of those haunted by the specter of what they term "US decline" and who, having identified President Obama as the hell-appointed agent for its implementation, suffer an obsessed preoccupation with analytic study of his entire personality. And George, with his striking similarity in appearance to the president and the fact of close blood links with him, may appear productive ground to probe for evidence of sinister truths of genetically transmitted anti-American sentiments concealed behind the facade of the suave demeanor of his more sophisticated presidential brother.
Dinesh D'souza does nothing to hide the conspiratorial thesis he seeks to confirm when he crosses the Atlantic to confront the president's doppelganger in the nether realms of the "dark continent." In African mythology, every man has a doppelganger, a spirit double in the Other World. Could D'Souza have resisted the impression at the moment he set eyes on George that this is the "wreck" the presidential impostor would have become had he not the grace of a white mother who rescued him from the destitute continent of his "philandering, inebriated African socialist father"?
D'Souza's documentary movie "2016: Obama’s America," based on his best-selling book "The Roots of Obama’s Rage," tracks George to his slum dwelling in Nairobi, Kenya where he lives “like something out of Slumdog Millionaire.”
In his book, "The Roots of Obama's Rage," D'Souza had set out, unabashedly, to prove the thesis that Obama's purported "hatred of America" is the anger at colonialism inherited from his Kenyan African father. D'Souza lashes out at Obama's father in his book "The Roots of Obama's Rage": “This philandering, inebriated African socialist, who raged against the world for denying him the realization of his anti-colonial ambitions, is now setting the nation’s agenda through the reincarnation of his dreams in his son.”
The video clip (see above) shows D'Souza chatting with George. The Hollywood Reporter notes that D'Souza's goal in the interview was to prove his pet thesis of, at least, a residual anti-colonial hatred of the West in the Obama genetic line inherited, like the biblical Adamic sin, from their progenitor Hussein Obama Snr., whom George shares in common with Barack. D'Souza's thinking would go like this: "Evidence of anti-colonial hatred in George would prove the same artfully concealed in his blood-brother, the evil goat-horned Barack Obama."
But George proved so disappointing The young man, unknown to the American conservative who interviewed him, belongs to a younger generation of Africans with only a vague recollection of the strong emotions colonialism rightly generated in their fathers. Rather than the fiery anti-Western/anti-colonial rhetoric D'Souza expected, George seemed in agreement with D'Souza's conservative proposals of truth to such an extent that at a point he comments inspite of himself that America elected the wrong Obama as president!
D'Souza must have been dumbfounded to hear George agreeing with him that Kenya has failed since independence and that the country might have done better had the British colonial masters remained! George actually argued that "Kenya has been independent from British rule since 1964, meanwhile South Africa today is much better off, even with Apartheid coming to an end only in 1994."
As Global Grind comments: "In the clip made available as a trailer, George is seen fielding questions from D’Souza about why his brother hasn’t helped him, and reading passages from the former’s book about colonial powers in Kenya, none of which appears to have anything to do with nor supports D’Souza’s belief that Obama possesses a hatred of America, the West, colonialism, or anything."
D'Souza's is finally forced to conclude that George is not the image of The Adamic First Father he seeks in the Obama line. According to The Hollywood Reporter, D'Souza rationalizes his observation to keep his fantasy about an Obama family heritage of "anti-colonial" hatred intact: “George is the rebel in Obama’s family. He’s the black sheep... George doesn’t go along with the worship of the father and he is politically incorrect on a lot of topics... And he’s particularly interesting because he lives in rubble on a few dollars a day while his powerful, multimillionaire brother doesn’t lift a finger to help."
What irony! The conservative D'Souza, now finds himself preaching socialist welfarism to an Obama scion. George evidently does not share the genetically determined communist preoccupation with welfare, socialized medicine and all the other communist sins of the Obama lineage. When D'Souza asks George what he thinks of his rich American brother not helping financially, the African responds: “I think he has a family of his own. I’m a member of his family, but I’m over-age (an adult), so I help myself."
D'Souza must have been dumbfounded. An Obama social conservative, a genetic mutant of the Obama clan who does not think it is his right to live on welfare even while he suffers near-absolute poverty. D'Souza presses further, hoping that George might still betray the socialist gene that runs in the family. He goads the African for a confession of the socialist manifesto he desires to hear: "You’re his brother. Has he been your keeper?"
George answers, “Go ask him,” and then repeats that his brother has many other issues to contend with.
George Obama vs. Barack Obama — the moral
Malone comments that Barack escaped the "family curse" of drunkenness and drug abuse:
"The turning point came one night when, after a college party involving drink and drugs, a female friend scolded him for being self-obsessed and told the future U.S. President that life ‘isn’t just about you.'
"He gave up drugs, vowing not to repeat the mistakes of his father."
But what about George? Malone says: "Sadly, there seems little hope of a similar ending for George." He concludes:
"Whether or not addiction is genetic, George Obama — like the dead father he shares with the U.S.President — suffers in its gruesome embrace. What’s certain is that what money he has won’t last. Nor will much of it go to township orphans or ‘Obama’s champs’. It will go on kill-me-quick and who knows what else. Perhaps, tragically, before many more years pass, another little Kenyan boy called Obama is destined to grow up with nothing more than dreams of his father."
While conservative writers and media only seek to exploit George's situation for anti-Obama propaganda, the true moral from the stark contrast in the conditions of the two blood brothers is the impact of environment and fortuitous circumstances in shaping human fate.
It is a long way from the squalor of Huruma, Nairobi to the stately White House in Washington.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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