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article imageOp-Ed: Tia Sharp's body is found and her 'Grandfather' is missing

By Melissa Horrocks     Aug 10, 2012 in Crime
Addington - Police investigating Tia Sharp's case have arrested Stuart Hazell on suspicion of murder. A body was discovered earlier at Christine Sharp's home in New Addington, Croydon.
Tia Sharp's body was found, and Hazell was arrested in Merton, South London, at 20:25 on suspicion of murder. There had been four searches, in the home, over the last week, two sniffer dogs and a complete search of the girl's bedroom, revealed nothing. Currently, the body is yet to be identified formally, but the family have been notified.
Shockingly, Mr Hazell made a devastating plea for the safe return of his 'grandchild'. Almost everyone was convinced that the family were not involved in any way. There was a nationwide appeal launched by Tia's uncle David Sharp, her grandmother and step-grandfather. Neighbors were shocked and horrified to hear the news. Tia's Grandmother was quick to explain about the builder's carrying out work close-by. According to Grandparents, Tia had traveled to the shopping precinct, five miles away, to find some shoes.
Local residents laid tributes near to Tia's grandmother's home. Tia visited her grandparent's frequently and had a good relationship with them. On Thursday night, Tia spent the night on her own with Mr Hazell.
Since the news was released about the dead body, many more people have laid tributes for Tia, at a garage close to her grandmother's home, which still has a cordon in place on the approach to it.
Tributes described Tia as "Addington's Angel" and another message said that "Justice will be served" . Another said that "We searched so hard to find you."
It breaks my heart that Tia was murdered and my heart felt love goes out to the family. It seems closer to my heart because I reported on this story as it was just breaking news. I hoped, like everyone else, that Tia Sharp would be found alive.
Over 800 hours CCTV footage has been recovered and 80 police officers involved in the case. Earlier on in the week around 200 individuals joined the police to help them search woodland known as Birchwood, close to the home reports BBC News.
There is a manhunt in process and Christine Sharp was accompanied by detectives as she left her home today. If people see Stuart Hazell they should call 999 straight away. Hazell claimed that he loved Tia to bits. In fact, he has given several emotional interviews that would make anyone believe that he is innocent. His heartfelt pleas went out to millions who believed that he was genuine. However, Stuart Hazell had a shady past that includes dealing crack cocaine and being caught with a machete. Strange, that Mr Hazell went out with Tia's mother Natalie Sharp, 30, but then started living with Tia's grandmother, Christine. Nothing seems to add up about this case. Yet, Stuart Hazell told ITV News that his previous past has nothing to do with it.
Hazell said, ‘It’s not about me it’s about Tia - we have got to get her home. She’s got no problems at all, she’s a happy go-lucky golden angel.
‘She’s perfect, there’s no arguments, nothing we can think of.’
The 37 year old was understood to have spoken to Tia Sharp and broke down in tears, yesterday as he insisted that he had done no wrongdoing. He insisted, ‘Did I do anything to Tia? No, I bloody didn’t.’ reports Daily Mail.
Tia was a beautiful teenager, with her whole life ahead of her. The only hope is that justice will be done and Stuart Hazell will receive the correct punishment.
The Guardian reports, Gavin Barwell, MP for Croydon central wrote on his blog: "The police and forensic teams now have a serious job to do and I ask that we all please allow them to get on with trying to close a case which has, in such a short period of time, affected so many of us in Croydon and around the country.
"Despite the sad end to an emotional week, I want to praise the community in New Addington for their relentless dedication to trying to help their neighbour's family. So often in times of tragedy come inspirational displays of community."
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