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Op-Ed: Could Jon Huntsman, Sr., be Reid's 'Romney snitch'?

By Bill Schmalfeldt     Aug 9, 2012 in Politics
Salt Lake City - Markos Moulitsas, proprietor of the lefty website Daily Kos (who we invite to kiss our well-fluffed backside for banning us earlier this year when we refused to smother his bony little butt with smoochies) may, despite himself, be on to something here.
In a piece on the Daily Kos (you know the URL, and if you don't, you can look it up yourself), Kos speculates that the person feeding information to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid may be the father of former Ohio Governor, former Republican Candidate for President, and former Obama Ambassador to China, John Huntsman, S.
He may have uncovered a nugget here.
Kos writes:
Jon Huntsman Sr, is business partners with Robert C. Gay, who also happened to be Bain's managing director between 1989 and 2004. And if anyone knows the machinations Bain used to evade taxes for itself and its partners, well, it would be the guy in charge of the firm's finances.
Huntsman is also a Republican and a Mormon (like Harry Reid). As governor of next-door Utah, his son (who also served in the Obama administration as ambassador to China) likely developed a close working relationship on regional issues.
Want more? The Huntsman family gave some serious scratch to Reid's reelection campaign.
We found another source that indicates the elder Huntsman might have a problem with his churchman Romney.
A New York Times story, reprinted in the Oct. 17, 2011 Huffington Post, shows little love lost between the elder Huntsman and the former Massachusetts Governor.
Mr. Huntsman Sr. was a national finance co-chairman for the Romney campaign in 2008, but those days, he said, are over.
“I’ve worked for three different Romneys,” he said. One time Mr. Romney was a liberal, in running for the Senate in 1994 in Massachusetts against Edward M. Kennedy, Mr. Huntsman said, the next time he was a moderate in running for governor in 2002, and now he is a conservative in seeking the presidency.
OK, so we have two of the criteria laid out earlier today by Reid aide, Jose Perra. Perra is now backing away from the claims, according to HuffPo:
"I do not know the party affiliation of the source, how long he invested with Bain, or his relationship to Romney beyond the fact that he was an investor with Bain Capital, as Senator Reid has previously stated."
But Huntsman seems like he fits the previously described bill. Republican. Someone who would be familiar with the inner workings of Romney. And Bain investor? We still have to tie that one down, but Bain certainly invested in Huntsman. $600 million, in fact!
On Feb. 24, 2001, the Deseret News of Salt Lake City reported:
In a prepared statement, Jon M. Huntsman, chairman and founder, said the new capital from Bain will allow his privately held company to continue the 30 percent average annual growth it has enjoyed over the past 15 years.
"Together (Huntsman and Bain) see significant potential for consolidation . . . in the global chemical industry and look forward with great anticipation to future investment opportunities. We are confident that Huntsman and Bain Capital will have a long and mutually beneficial relationship."
Of the $600 million capital Huntsman will receive from Bain, $390 million of it will be used to buy the remaining 30 percent of Imperial Chemical Industries.
So, is the elder Huntsman an investor in Bain? The jury is still out. But according to a Dec. 13, 2011 story on CNN.Money:
Jon Huntsman Sr., is co-founder of a private equity firm called Huntsman Gay Global Capital. The eponymous "Gay" is Bob Gay, one of Romney's former Bain Capital colleagues.
Still, kudos on the cagey little bantamweight from Nevada with the sharp elbows for keeping the story alive another day. We sincerely hope he will release the name of the person who provided him with the information, and soon.
Right after Romney announces his veep selection.
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