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article imageOp-Ed: ALF is becoming a film

By Melissa Horrocks     Aug 9, 2012 in Entertainment
Years ago, when I was just a kid, there was an amazing television show, called ALF. ALF was played by a puppet from outer space. Each show would include many adventures about an alien living with a family of humans on earth.
ALF liked to eat cats and had a great sense of humor. ALF is about to be aired in movie theaters across America. However, ALF is not likely to be played by a puppet, but a hybrid CG. There is potential for a great film if it is portrayed well enough.
The story follows an alien named Gordon Shumway, but goes under the name of ALF. The original show creators Kenneth Kaufman, Tom Patchett and Paul Fusco (voice of ALF) are all involved with the production of the film, reports
Sony Pictures also brought "The Smurfs" to the movie theaters. The studio has also signed a deal to gain the rights of the TV series "ALF". The ultimate goal is to transform the comedy into a live action/CGI movie.
ALF was a wisecracking alien from the planet Melmac, he moved in with the suburban, Tanner family after crashing to planet Earth. The original television series ran from 1986 to 1990. It is likely that the man who played the original voice of ALF, Paul Fusco, will also voice the furry creature in the film version.
The team working on ALF, believe that they will have huge success, like they had with the Smurfs. The Smurfs grossed $563 million globally and spawned a sequel, which is scheduled to arrive July 31, 2013, reports The Marquee Blog.
America is on stand by and should be prepared to hide away their cats, or ALF will eat them. There may be some B level actors involved in the movie according to However, the film is set to be a huge success. Certainly, people who can remember ALF will want to see this film. I, personally, really want to see ALF again.
According to Hollywood Reporter, during the mid to late '80s, ALF was everywhere, not only on the television show, but also on his own prime-time NBC series. ALF looks like an anteater with a tuft of blond hair. There was a whole product line of ALF. Indeed, it was a cult television show that kids and adults enjoyed. The sitcom had people tuning in each week to see what different adventures Alf would pursue. I am looking forward to seeing this at the cinema.
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