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article imageInterview with Amy Tippins, of the ScarsRSexy Campaign Special

By Cendrine Marrouat     Aug 9, 2012 in Health
Amy Tippins is an organ and tissue transplant patient, and the founder of Rockscar Love Designs, a company that inspires individuals with physical, mental and emotional scars to share their stories in order to help others heal from the inside out.
In this interview, she will tell us about the ScarsRSexy Campaign, an awareness campaign that she co-founded with Milly Xu.
Cendrine Marrouat: Hello Amy, thank you for answering my questions. ScarsRSexy is a campaign featuring 20,000 scar stories across the US. How did you come up with the idea?
Amy Tippins: When I sat down with Live Wright Society (LWS), we wanted to achieve multiple goals with our campaign:
(1) Create a campaign that was fun and anyone could participate in
(2) Provide a platform for people to tell their own stories and inspire others
(3) We wanted to create something that would make a positive impact on society
CM: How did you meet Milly Xu, the founder of Live Wright Society, and why did you decide to work together?
AT: I met Milly Xu through a friend during a time period when LWS was working on a documentary in which I participated. We felt that our organizations both had incredible messages and wanted to find a way that we could work together and so we started to brainstorm.
CM: How does everything work exactly? And how can people get involved?
AT: There are a few ways that people can be involved in the campaign:
(1) Watch our video [at the top of the article] to understand our message and share it with family and friends.
(2) Visit our website and purchase a shirt (100% of the net profits go to charity) and send us your picture.
(3) If you can't afford a shirt, then post on our Facebook Fan Page a picture of yourself with your scar story or send us a video of you telling your scar story at
CM: Is there a story that has moved you more than the rest so far?
AT: There are two stories that have moved me deeply. One is about a guy who is homeless and who was asked if he would sign the ScarsRSexy shirt. He said that it was the first time in many, many years that someone wanted him to be a part of something. He felt moved to work harder to get off the streets. Within two weeks, he had a cell phone so that he could get calls for potential jobs
There was also another story about a young rape victim who wanted to share her story with just someone, but did not know how to. She told me her entire story, never realizing that she was doing exactly what she was scared of doing. She found her voice finally! You can read her story here.
(from left to right) Brad Ellis and Scott Bakula
(from left to right) Brad Ellis and Scott Bakula
Amy Tippins
CM: The Internet is a powerful tool to raise awareness of important issues. How have you used social media to draw attention to the ScarsRSexy Campaign?
AT: We have been tweeting / facebooking out stories on our website to get people to share the campaign and its mission. We have also been engaging multiple tweeps to help us share our ScarsRSexy video and also asking people to send us their scar stories through social media. We have also found most of our partners that we are donating money to via social media.
CM: Do you plan on taking this campaign to the next level? Maybe a documentary?
AT: We want to see this campaign become a movement that changes lives and see Hollywood use their influence to help society by admitting their scars and how they made them better people. To share the message that imperfection is perfection.
Our dream is to create a documentary or cable TV show that shares stories of scars and how people have left their marks on the world despite them.
CM: Any last words?
AT: This campaign is about people gettting involved at the grassroots level and sharing our message. We need your help to make this message a mindset. Help us by getting involved!
For more information on the ScarsRSexy Campaign, visit
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