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article imageIntensive parenting — Is it good for women's health?

By Jaffna Mohaideen     Aug 9, 2012 in Lifestyle
Intensive parenting is spreading like fire from east to west and very few parents understand its downside possibilities.
A parent is considered to be on the right track only if he or she shares the happiness to the kids in a more enjoyable and natural way. But, as the decades pass on, Intensive parenting has begun to replace other wonderful parenting techniques in many parts of the world. So where did it all start? These days, both men and women are so busy with their jobs and family. Frankly speaking, 24 hours a day is still not sufficient for some people. Almost every mom and dad is so concerned about their child's needs.
According to Holy Schiffrin, a psychology professor, "A lot of research says children of depressed mothers don’t fare as well. If this ideology is making us depressed, it may not benefit kids in the long run.”
In an attempt to make their children's wishes come true, parents fail to recognize their own depression and interests. As these sorts of depressions accumulate, both men and women tend to meet up with mental instability. Some women even think that a child can be cared for in a better way by a mother rather than a father and this kind of feeling mostly leaves them with dissatisfaction in life. Both men and women should give space for their self-thoughts.
Authors from Mary Washington university said: "The results of this study suggest that aspects of intensive mothering beliefs are detrimental to women's mental health. It may not be parenting, but specific and particularly intensive ways of parenting, that relate to negative mental health outcomes.”
Parents and child pause for a  family moment.
Parents and child pause for a "family moment."
Arkansas ShutterBug via / Flickr
It is better to try to be enthusiastic while parenting rather than wandering around with thoughts of what will happen next. It's always good to remember a child grows up the way the parents are. If a mom or dad is happy, the child reflects it and whatever other qualities possessed by a parent is acquired by the child knowingly or unknowingly. Hence it's always better to enjoy stress-free life and thereby the kids will live the same happy life as their parent does.
Miriam Liss, a psychologist, stated in LiveScience, "Parenting being really, really hard is a commonly held belief that seems to be really bad for women.”
Many women think that parenting is the difficult task in life but it's not. Parenting depends on the way we view it. It's great to consider it as a source of happiness rather than challenge.
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