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article imageA self proclaimed Islam prophet causes child abuse

By Melissa Horrocks     Aug 8, 2012 in World
Tatarstan - A so called prophet claims he had a vision from God, telling him to build an Islamic caliphate underneath a home, in the ground. Here children would suffer abuse and never be allowed to see sunlight.
About a decade ago, building work commenced. Shortly afterwards, 70 followers of the self-proclaimed prophet, moved into the eight level, subterranean cell block. Shaped similar to a honeycomb, the cells were cramped, with barely any light, heat or proper ventilation. What's worse, is that children were born and bred in these horrific conditions, without any medical help. What took place was severe child abuse and these poor children lived in these conditions until they were found, very recently.
These underground conditions were not fit for anyone to live in. Police raided the compound last week and released the 27 sons and daughters of the sect. The children were aged from 1 to 17 and had never been allowed to see daylight. They were kept as prisoners in these awful conditions, reports 3 News.
The children have had no education, never seen a doctor and never been allowed out to live an ordinary life outside of these conditions. Their parents, who call themselves "muammin" which means "believers" in Arabic, have been charged with child abuse.
The founder of the cult, Faizrakhman Satarov, was aged 83. He called himself a prophet, which is a contradiction to the principles of Islam. Satarov has been charged with negligence. Faizrakhman Satarov was also previously a top imam, in the neighbouring province of Bashkortostan, he declared his house outside Kazan, an independent Islamic state reports the Scotsman.
It was not until police were called in, to investigate a recent killing, of a top Tatarstan Muslim cleric, that they discovered the children. Satarov ordered his followers to live in the cells they dug, underneath a three-story brick house topped by a tiny minaret with a tin crescent moon. There were a few of the sect's elite members who were allowed to leave the cells, each day, to go to work, as market traders.
After the children were discovered, they were taken to hospital, where they were examined. They will live temporarily, in an orphanage. Paediatrician, Tatyana Moroz said. "They looked nourished but dirty, so we had to wash them," in televised remarks.
Their parents were concerned about how they were treated medically. A woman wearing a long white dress, face veiled, called Fana Sayanova, told the local television that doctors could do anything to the children.
The decrepit, illegally built house on a 700 square metre lot of land, is going to be demolished. One sect member made their feelings clear, "They will come with bulldozers and guns, but they will have to demolish this house over our dead bodies!" said Gumer Ganiyev. Satarov appointed Ganiyev as his deputy prophet.
Satarov who is apparently ailing, had followers in many other cities, including; Tatarstan and other Volga River provinces. Ten years ago he ordered 70 of his followers to stop contact with the outside world.
In 2008, Satarov engaged in an interview with the Komsomolskaya Pravda daily, he explained that after falling out with clerics and authorities in the Communist era, when the KGB sent him to Muslim nations with stories about religious freedom in the officially atheist Soviet Union, he realised that he was Satan's servant, a traitor. He is quoted as saying, "When I understood that, I repented and started preaching."
Yahoo News reports, Islamic leaders in Tatarstan said that Satarov's view points contradict Muslim doctrine. Russian prosecutors have brought child abuse charges against members of the reclusive Muslim cult.
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