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Intern's Parents Doubt Condit, Will Push For Polygraph Test

By Digital Journal Staff     Jul 9, 2001 in Technology
WASHINGTON – Chandra Levy's parents found little solace in Rep. Gary Condit's admission that he had an affair with their missing daughter and will ask him to take a polygraph test because they doubt that he has disclosed all he knows, a spokesman for the family said Sunday.
"The family wants the comfort of knowing that the people who were closest to Chandra are giving complete and truthful information to investigators," said Michael Frisby, a spokesman for Robert and Susan Levy and their attorney, Billy Martin.
Police said Sunday that investigators were satisfied that Mr. Condit answered all the questions asked in their most recent interview Friday, in which sources say he disclosed a romantic relationship with Ms. Levy. And an attorney for the congressman said Mr. Condit "has told the police everything."
Mr. Frisby said Mr. Condit, a California Democrat who represents the Levys' hometown of Modesto, has provided conflicting accounts of when he last spoke to Chandra Levy. Mr. Frisby said Mr. Condit told Susan Levy in a meeting June 21 that he was last in touch with her daughter April 24 or 25. Two days later, law enforcement sources have said, he told police that he had last spoken to Ms. Levy on April 29.
The Levys also believe Mr. Condit has hindered the investigation by taking weeks to disclose to investigators that he was having an affair with the 24-year-old former federal Bureau of Prisons intern. The congressman was interviewed by police for a third time Friday night, and two sources familiar with the 90-minute meeting said Mr. Condit – who is married and has two grown children – reversed a denial that his aides had maintained since soon after the intern went missing after April 30.
"It appears the congressman has not told the complete truth about the relationship," Mr. Frisby said. "He told investigators one story; he did not come forward and change that story until Chandra's aunt, Linda Zamsky, detailed publicly the extent of this relationship."
A source representing Mr. Condit, who was familiar with the meeting between Susan Levy and Mr. Condit, said that if there seemed to be a discrepancy in the dates Mr. Condit provided about his last contact with Chandra Levy, it was because Mr. Condit was referring to the last time he spoke to Ms. Levy in person, not by phone. But Mr. Frisby said Mr. Condit was asked about the last time he either saw or spoke to Ms. Levy.
Terrance Gainer, the District's assistant executive police chief, said Sunday that Mr. Condit answered all the questions asked in the interview Friday, but Chief Gainer declined to elaborate. Police interviewed Mr. Condit's wife in a separate meeting Thursday.
Police are investigating the disappearance as a missing persons case. They say they have no suspects because they don't have any evidence that a crime has been committed.
The popular seven-term congressman came under scrutiny in his hometown of Ceres, a suburb of Modesto, as constituents digested the news that Mr. Condit had acknowledged a romantic relationship with Ms. Levy.
Several Mr. Condit supporters in Ceres who spoke on condition of anonymity said they were trying to figure out how to respond to the latest developments.
Abbe Lowell, a Washington attorney who is representing Mr. Condit, spoke on the congressman's behalf on three talk shows Sunday. Asked on CNN's Late Edition whether earlier denials by Mr. Condit's staff of an affair were no longer operative, Mr. Lowell said: "He has told the police everything, and he has not shared anything with members of the media." (wp)
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