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article imageJon Lovitz labelled racist following Barack Obama criticisms

By Andrew Moran     Aug 8, 2012 in Politics
Universal City - Speaking with a conservative outlet this week, legendary comedian Jon Lovitz explained that following his remarks about President Barack Obama's tax the rich sentiment; he received death threats from various people.
Digital Journal reported in April of former “Saturday Night Live” star Jon Lovitz talking with filmmaker Kevin Smith. Lovitz, who has played such characters as Tommy Flanagan, Hanukkah Harry and even former presidential candidate Michael Dukakis, vented about how the president thinks the rich don’t pay their fair share.
“This whole thing with Obama saying the rich don’t pay their taxes is f---ing bulls—t. I voted for the guy and I’m a Democrat, what a f---ing a—hole,” said Lovitz at his comedy club during a podcast. “If I make a dollar and out of every dollar I'm taxed at 50, half, at 50 cents, I have to give, isn't that like enough? For every two dollars you make, you have to give a dollar back. That’s not right. You’re not paying enough. It’s half! Half!”
In an interview with, Lovitz explained what happened after his comments towards the president, which actually prompted him to permit a security escort walk him to his car. It got so bad that he started to receive death threats.
The owner of the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club said he received one message that warned: “I know where you eat.”
Lovitz is quite befuddled as to why he is being accused of racism from the media, Democrats and strangers. The star of former television sitcom “The Critic” also feels that the media and other organizations, such as the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), are on the attack when it comes to comedians.
“Your site and, they get the humor. The Huffington Post, their comedy guys have no sense of humor and their headlines are lying,” stated Lovitz. “I don’t see the president as black or white. He’s a man. What I find bizarre is how the quote liberals are bringing up race [and] saying, 'shut the f--- up.' I find them so close minded. I thought you were liberal. You should be tolerant of everybody whether they agree with you or not.” sent a Tweet to Lovitz Tuesday, in which the group said, “The Left may not ‘get’ you, but we definitely do.”
Meanwhile, weeks after the rant made its rounds across the Internet, many of his colleagues in the industry didn’t provide any comments and were “not supportive.” However, random people on the street would go up to Lovitz and thank him.
In the end, Lovitz is not seeking thanks and is not blaming the president for the current economic situation, but rather he feels Obama’s stance against the rich is a deterrent from the major problems facing the United States today.
“I meant what I said. I said what I said to make people laugh. I expressed myself in a humorous way,” concluded Lovitz in his interview. “Sometimes the best way to make ‘em laugh is to show ‘em how you honestly feel.”
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