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article imageOp-Ed: Chick-fil-A supporters resist homophile tyranny

By Alexander Baron     Aug 15, 2012 in Politics
America's powerful homosexual lobby may have overplayed its hand in the manufactured controversy over the Chick-fil-A restaurant chain.
You can read all about this non-controversy here, and many other places while the hysteria continues. It is though curious is it not how quickly supposedly so persecuted minorities are transformed into persecutors, bullies or even thugs as soon as they are enfranchised? This appears to be a universal trait. In England, the Catholic Church ruled the roost until Henry VIII set up his own church purely because he wanted to divorce his wife and the Pope said nay.
By the 16th Century, Catholics were a persecuted minority, persecuted to such an extent that in 1605 they conspired to blow up the English Parliament; the Gunpowder plotters, including Guy Fawkes, were all arrested and executed.
We have seen similar persecutions - ethnic and otherwise - in both the Middle East, Europe and elsewhere. Uganda was granted independence from the Great White Bigot in 1962; ten years later, 80,000 Asians were given 90 days to leave the country and then booted out, not to mention that other great, and far more brutal expulsion, the Nakba.
If there are no expulsions resulting from the principled stand of Dan Cathy for traditional family values, it will not be for want of trying.
The latest attack on this besieged company whose goal in life is to make a buck selling happy diners tasty chicken comes from Paul Colichman, an alumnus of UCLA and CEO of Here Media which runs The Advocate, a website aimed at homosexuals and lesbians. In an op-ed, while stressing his commitment to free speech, Colichman laments that Chic-fil-A is coming to his alma mater, and says it will have a negative effect with its bigoted policies. No, it will have a positive effect by selling tasty chicken. Like most of his ilk, Colichman's commitment to free speech and free enterprise extends only as far as it is freedom to say what he wants to say and to sell what he wants to sell - metaphorically more than literally. Namely, he wants to sell the gay agenda, and anyone who has an alternative viewpoint, is promoting hate speech.
Using some typically disingenuous innuendo, he attempts to portray Chic-fil-A as a supporter of hate groups, citing the Southern Poverty Law Center as his source. This is the same Southern Poverty Law Center that smeared a black academic as a Ku Klux Klan sympathiser because she had the temerity to write a book which didn't suit its own agenda.
Not everyone is prepared to take this kind of intimidation and blackmail lying down though, and recently Chic-fil-A has picked up some powerful support, including from Project 21 and Americans For Truth.
Project 21 is a leading Black Conservative organisation; in a press release dated July 29, Stacy Washington of its National Advisory Council said: "While screaming for tolerance, the left displays the ultimate example of intolerance by calling for boycotts and other acts meant to hurt Chick-fil-A's ability to do business. This includes liberal mayors and city councilmen willing to declare their cities off limits to Chick-fil-A franchises. They are essentially turning down job creation because Chick-fil-A provides free boxed lunches to Christian conferences that help traditionally-married couples strengthen their marriages and raise healthy families. Whether one agrees or disagrees with Chick-fil-A's corporate philosophy is a personal matter. Refusing to permit a business to operate is another quite un-American matter altogether."
Americans For Truth went even further. Its long title is Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, and it is a single issue campaigning group that gives the other side of the story, the one the Organised Homosexual Movement doesn't want Americans or anyone else to hear.
Recently, Americans For Truth has given considerable space to Dr Judith Reisman, whose work in exposing not only the homosexual agenda but its origins is unparalleled. Reisman is co-author of the 1990 book KINSEY, SEX AND FRAUD The Indoctrination Of A People, but if you can't nip into the British Library to read it, visit her website to learn the truth about the man who unleashed the sexual revolution, including the methods he used in his research. An excellent video, Kinsey's Paedophiles, to which Dr Reisman contributed, can be found here.
It is the bogus results of this research that has been used to drive not only the sexual revolution but more specifically the homosexual revolution, and not only to normalise what was regarded officially until 1973 as a perversion in the United States, but to wage war on anyone and everyone who doesn't share their view of homosexuality as gay. You find fisting disgusting? Why, you can only be one of those bigoted homophobes.
Although Americans For Truth is a Christian organisation, it lists a large number of resources for combatting the militant homosexual agenda, including a number that reach out to homosexuals of all faiths and none, such as JONAH International, a Jewish organisation that reaches out to Jewish homosexuals in line with the principle of tikkun olam.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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