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article image''The Art of Creating Visual Solutions'' - Jeff Szuc

By Jeff Szuc     Jun 4, 2001 in Lifestyle
"Illustration is, at it's essence, the art of creating visual solutions to other peoples concepts and/or themes. Within these defined parameters, the challenge becomes to find space in which to incorporate a little bit of myself into each piece as well. An image will only feel successful if, somehow, I've managed to incorporate both my own aesthetic design principals as well as a little bit of my own views on life into the final solution.
There seems to exist throughout my work a certain cynicism or dark humour. It is important to me that this sense of humour is always present. To any issue there always exists both a positive and a negative viewpoint. Work which is overly serious is addressing only half the story. On the same hand, work which is overly positive ends up lacking any real depth or thought provocation. It is through the combination of these positives and negatives, both through style and through content, that a piece becomes engaging and insightful."
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