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article imageNuclear attack at the Olympics? Mathaba descends into silliness

By Alexander Baron     Aug 5, 2012 in Odd News
London - If you are planning to attend the London Olympics, be careful, you may be targeted by a nuclear bomb. Then again, you may not.
Why ever did the American Government declassify the Operations Northwoods documents and put them in the public domain? Because it is not as all powerful, omnipotent and evil as the lunatic fringe including 9/11 Truth claims?
Alas, it did, and since 9/11 we have heard about nothing but false flags. After all, everyone knows President Kennedy was killed by the CIA, or the Illuminati, or the Mossad, or maybe it was all three. The fact that there was so much evidence against Lee Harvey ("I'm just a patsy") Oswald means he must have been set up. Right? Wait a minute, wasn't JFK the leader of this all powerful, omnipotent and evil government? Only if you allow facts to get in the way of a good story.
We are even told the recent mass shooting in Aurora was not the result of one spaced out individual with a grudge against the world but another false flag, one to be used as a pretext for gun control.
The latest silliness comes, sadly, from a website that used to publish some high quality analysis - including by Stephen Lendman. Now it has descended into utter silliness, although no doubt Abraham Foxman will also accuse it of perpetuating anti-Semitism. It is, alas, difficult to argue against that proposition, because the article It Might Be A Nuclear 9/11 At The 2012 London Olympics by someone who uses an unprintable nom de guerre sees an invisible Jewish hand behind this nuclear attack that may or may not be forthcoming, the business partner of Larry Silverstein who "will stand to gain a large fortune if his building is destroyed, but money is not the main issue, it is his loyalty to the Israeli state that matters".
Er, yeah, right, and as we all know: "Silverstein reaped millions of dollars for keeping his mouth shut about the Mossad-CIA false flag on 9/11".
Got that, it was the Mossad and the CIA who were behind 9/11. If these two agencies are planning an attack on the Olympics though, they will have to contend with not just the trigger happy Metropolitan Police (R.I.P. Mark Duggan) but their sniffer dogs, stewards, private security, a few thousand troops who have been drafted in, CCTV, and undoubtedly a few other security measures which are restricted on a need to know basis.
Someone else who has been fearmongering over the Olympics is Alex Jones, he of InfoWars and Prison Planet. Jones made a full length film called The Obama Deception. You can find that on YouTube. You can also find The Alex Jones Deception there, a riposte that has been put together by someone who doesn't take anyone at face value: the American Government, or its enemies.
Yesterday was a great day for Britain's athletes at the Olympics; they picked up no less than six gold medals. The spectators appear to be enjoying it too, in spite of the rip off prices and a few opportunist crooks preying on the tourists, but the police seem to have them under control. We can be sure they will have these evil conspirators under control as well, in fact they've probably already been rounded up and sent back to Wonderland, along with Alice, Mathaba, and the aliens on the grassy knoll.
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