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article imageOp-Ed: The world craves a Dark Knight

By Anthony Sicilia     Aug 5, 2012 in Entertainment
“You either die as a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain, ” Harvey Dent - The Dark Knight. I will explore the differences between masculinity and sexuality as it seen and portrayed in comic books.
I will go into detail about the political spectrum within Gotham City and how there are two sides to every coin as it refers to comic books themselves.To say the least The Dark Knight was a movie on the surface about superheroes and villains. But if anybody would take the time to really ponder what they saw on screen, they would come to different conclusions about many things, not just the one subject of superheroes and villains.
Honestly, The Dark Knight has nothing to do with superheroes and villains. What you see on the screen is what the director wants you to see. The Dark Knight touches on the subject on masculinity and feminism unconsciously.
In a world where men are seen as symbols of strength and wisdom, women on the other hand are seen as victims of distress; they are also stereotyped as the weaker sex in gender. But not one person picks up on that immediately because men saving women is the status quo or seen as the norm within a society. There are obvious differences between men and women within society. There is the physical and physiological difference between the two genders. Men are seen as the more aggressive of the two species, where as women are seen as the gentler kind, wanting to develop personal relationships with others.
Men are seen as symbols strength therefore it only natural for the male to be assertive and assume to be the protector of his fellow woman. In other words men are leaders of the pack. We are taught to believe this is just the way the world works as it is quoted since the dawn of time. In the book of genesis it is written. “Let us make man in our image as they will have dominance over livestock, the birds in the sky and those who crept on the ground.”
In all societies the obvious biological difference between men and women is used as a justification for forcing them into different social roles which limit and shape their attitudes and behaviour. That is to say, no society is content with the natural difference of sex, but each insists on adding to it a cultural difference of gender. The simple physical facts therefore always become associated with complex psychological qualities. It is not enough for a man to be male; he also has to appear masculine. A woman, in addition to being female, must also be feminine.
Over the centuries, many people have, of course, wondered why allegedly "natural" roles should need such rigorous social enforcement. After all, if they were truly natural, they would "come naturally" to both men and women. However, it is noteworthy that the advocates of the so-called natural inequality of the sexes resent nothing more than letting "nature" take its course.
Yet, if their arguments were true, there would be no need to deny women equal opportunities, since they would be unable to compete with men. If women were "naturally" inferior, men would have nothing to fear. Therefore, the fact that many men do fear such competition raises sufficient doubt as to the validity of their claim.The truth is that human desires and capacities have a tendency to go beyond the narrow limits of our traditional gender roles. Indeed, it takes a constant combined effort by all social authorities to keep this tendency under control.
Such social control appears not only externally, in the form of parental guidance, peer-group pressure, and law enforcement, but also internally in the form of concepts and values which determine the self-image of every individual, and it is in the individual mind where the confusion of sex and gender can create the most serious problems.
The second subtopic I would to discuss is the politics within The Dark Knight and the ideals that go into that ordeal. I will do my best to focus this part of the essay on the political power that is shared by Harvey Dent, The Batman, and The Joker. To untrained eye politics in The Dark Knight film is portrayed as good versus bad. But There’s more to look at when talking politics seen in the Nolan film.
Let’s look at this logically, when a person steps into politics, they feel as though they are going to be the one to make the change for the better. But the longer you stay in politics you look at the structure of those in positions of power, and you would develop personal agendas that make things better for yourself, rather than for the society of people that you represent.The political power of the Batman. He’s Bruce Wayne by day and a heroic vigilante by night fall. Wayne who processes a enterprise of technology and wealth passed down from generations.
Batman Wayne’s altered ego possess the power and praise of the people , but only for a short period of time. Because his actions are heroic but they are also misunderstood by the many people in Gotham City. Through it all though The Batman knows that sometimes his heroics require great sacrifice. Joker: The joker has great political power and his weapon of choice is mind games and the element of fear.
Along with the element of fear, he has the weapon of being bold and being afraid of nothing. He convinces group members of the Russian mob to work with him to take down the Batman and than later He burns the money for leverage.
Harvey Dent: A politician who seems to the only honourable and honest person of political power left for Gotham to restore some order in a city filled with chaos. Dent , who is the district attorney of Gotham city is look at as a hero for coming in and cleaning up the streets of organized crime, from the Russians and The Italians. Being thee voice for the people of city. Turmoil ensues when professionalism is challenged and personal matters are brought to the front lines of the battlefield of crime. Personal affairs of Harvey Dent and his “main squeeze” Rachel is put in danger and Dent’s image personally and professionally is on the line. The Joker as I said earlier is a criminal mastermind and loves to play mind thus Harvey Dent’s character is called into question when Rachel is taken from him. The Joker wonders where both Batman and Dent’s loyalty lie.
The last element I would like to talk about in this essay is the evolution of the comic book. Years ago in the early 50’s comic books were dummied down, and read by the people of low intelligence, who would only read comic books because they had what novels did not have, pictures. Comic books were rarely looked at as an art form by it was stereotyped as simple child play of good vs. evil, and good always wins. Sure it taught moral values to a generation of hipsters but the messages of a comic were dummied down , because of certain individuals who held the pen and possessed the monetary income to publish what they felt was necessary.

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