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article imageAncient dopers chewed raw animal testicles to get edge

By Owen Weldon     Aug 5, 2012 in Odd News
Ancient dopers, in order to boost hormones and to gain an edge over their competitors, used to chew on raw animal testicles.
The issue of Olympic competitors taking all types of things such as supplements, potions and medicines in order to boost their performance is as old as the Olympics themselves, according to Reuters.
Athletes back in the 19th century even used methods such as fortifying themselves with alcohol, coca leaves and cocaine.
According to Times Live, Martin Polley, an Olympic historian at Britain's Southampton University, said that doping has always been part of the Olympic.
Experts also say that what drove people to such extremes way back then is probably similar to what drives athletes to dope today, and that is the desire to win by any means necessary and at one point that even meant eating raw animal testicles. However Polley said that eating raw animal testicles was also seen as a sign of masculinity.
According to ESPN, the World Anti-Doping Agency has many substances on its list that athletes are not allowed to take.
However, even though there are a lot of substances on the list, raw animal testicles is not.
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