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article imageSorkin answers skeptics about his new show HBO's The Newsroom

By Anthony Sicilia     Aug 4, 2012 in Entertainment
Los Angeles - Arron Sorkin who is the director and creator of the HBO television series faces his critics as they question his reasoning behind the show.
Creator of HBO'S newest television series The Newsroom, Arron Sorkin sat down along side lead cast member Jeff Daniels. Daniels portrays the news anchor Will McAvoy. He is currently the lead news anchor for the ACN news network.
The conference that both Daniels and Sorkin attended was held in Los Angela's California.
Critics of television show were quick to question Sorkin about the type of research that was done before the show hit the air waves.
Many journalists that were in attendance at the time of the conference felt that the TV series presented a false identity of what real life journalism is like in reality. To which Sorkin responded, "I don't read critic reviews anymore because there is nothing they can say to help me." There were so many questions being thrown Sorkin's way it resembled an Arron Sorkin like film, which included loaded questions and a side order of long speeches and arguments.
The TV series director responded in a cool & calm fashion at times saying "Any time people are talking about a TV series or movie whether their opinions are negative or positive they're still talking, and so its good for TV."
Sorkin's idea behind the creation of The Newsroom is simple. Take a struggling news station and produce news that matters to the viewers of the program, and make that news its primary focal point. The Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine didn't see it that way as they are quoted as saying in their reviews of The Newsroom by saying "The Newsroom portrays a world of intellectual dishonesty. People who live in Sorkin'sWorld is where the men are the men and the women are sorry."
In case you have never heard of the man that is Arron Sorkin with a little research it is simple to find out that he is the man behind, the wildly popular film " The Social Network, which as you would have guessed it is a adaption based on the events that brought us into the social media age with the creation of Facebook.
For every negative review there is also some positive reviews. The Boston Globe reports that The Newsroom is a very well researched television show that has elements in the TV series everyone can enjoy, from comedy to drama and at times the show can be inspirational. So what's the verdict on The Newsroom, the viewers are going to watch the series to come to their own conclusions about their feelings towards the ACN NEWS Network.
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