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article imageNaked Sushi on the menu at Miami dining establishment

By Larry Clifton     Aug 3, 2012 in Entertainment
Miami Beach - Naked sushi has been a dining event in the Orient for a thousand years but when such a venue opens in Florida, it's even news to ABC -- especially when cuisines are served from female and male plates. After all, girls just want to have fun, too.
Ladies and gentlemen beware: Put wasabi on your nipples and they’ll burn for a week. It has been tried at a restaurant in Miami where wasabi was served from the bare nipples human serving platters.
An attached video of a naked sushi event held live on The Doctors show was chosen to clear up any further medical misinformation or social misconceptions about dining ala naked sushi.
But the storyline here is Miami, from Kung Fu Kitchen & Sushi The restaurant offers a lively bar crowd till 3 a.m. nightly, while making serious diners feel like they just crashed a family dinner, according to their website homepage.
However one might want to leave certain members of the family home on nights that the restaurant serves sushi on the bodies of naked men and women for about $500 per “human platter, ” according to an report.
“There’s a lot of things you don’t think about when it comes to naked sushi,” restaurant owner Nathan Lieberman told “Now, we put plastic over the nipples, like Saran, and then we cover the nipples in wasabi”
Young naked bodies were added to the menu last month, and now the restaurant has three naked sushi parties under its belt, so to speak.
Chef Glenn Lopez, who works in the kitchen, came up with the menu item, according to Lieberman. The idea appealed to Lieberman. The Japanese have been dining off naked bodies for “thousands of years” and Lieberman decided on giving diners “the royal treatment” for Miami Spice, the city’s restaurant month, according to ABC.
Lieberman thought about getting models from a modeling agency to bare all for the pleasure of his diners, but as it turned out, his servers were eager to lie down on the job, according to ABC.
“I have a very good-looking staff,” he said. “They said, ‘We want the money, and we like to be naked.’”
So what’s a boss to do? For one party, a bachelorette requested a male platter. The job went to one of Lieberman’s sushi chefs; “A real stud,” according to Lieberman.
Naked sushi platters serve about 10 people and include sake and some conversational exchanges with the body platter under the sushi, according to the report.
Lizandra DeLeon, 34, featured naked sushi from the restaurant at his bachelor party, said ABC.
“The funny thing is this is the only thing I’m really open about what happened at my bachelor party,” he said, laughing.
His group and other patrons watched as a chef artfully decorated Cloe, their human platter, with pieces of sushi. Only DeLeon was permitted to take sushi off her body. A manager was present to remove and serve the rest.
“It was an amazing experience,” he said.
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