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article imageNewly designed life-sized WALL-E loved by all ages

By Nancy Houser     Aug 4, 2012 in Entertainment
It took over two years for Mike Senna to build a working life-sized robot --- a lovable WALL-E trash compactor robot --- simply for the joy of his children. It ended up becoming an adorable working robot who could say his own name, loved by all ages.
Senna is a California robotics expert who designed the life-sized R2-D2 robot as a fun hobby. Eventually, he began taking R2 to events that sponsored the City of Hope, a pediatric cancer charity. Wall-E came into the picture when Senna felt his robots needed more human emotion than R2 had.
The Pixar film Wall-E is a family-friendly dystopia film, warning viewers about future consequences of harming the environment. The movie set is approximately 700 years in the future, focusing an adorable fun-living trash compactor turning into an entity with desires, emotions and feelings!
According to Popwatch, when Wall-E was completed by Senna after two years of sweat and hard work, the cute little trash compactor was life-sized and working. It moved around the room on its treads, could wave both hands, raise the notable little eyebrows and warble its name to its viewers. While working as a computer programmer, Senna spent over two years working on his WALL-E. During the days, he was also working full time at the Orange County biometrics company.
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