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article imageTopFinds: USA winning gold at 2012 Olympics, Rubio's book tour

By David Silverberg     Aug 3, 2012 in Internet
The U.S. leads the gold-medal count at the London Olympics. A fake New York Times articles goes viral online. A Digital Journalist captures photos of Florida senator Marc Rubio on his book tour. These are the top stories from across the world.
As we do every week, we've collected the top news stories and compiled them on one page. Digital Journalists reported on Olympics news in London, odd science discoveries, protests in Washington and much more.
We also highlight some of major topics Digital Journalists have been covering recently. Note you can see the trending topics at the top of any page on our news network, in the black bar. They are changing constantly to react to what people are reading on the site. We wanted to include this feature to let you know the topics people want to read about on Digital Journal.

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Top Digital Journal Reports

Thousands head to Capitol Hill to protest fracking (Includes first-hand account) by Leigh Goessl
On Saturday, thousands were expected to arrive on Capitol Hill to protest the practice of hydraulic fracturing, or perhaps more commonly known as, fracking.
Power failure — Indians find mother of all woes in 'corruption' (Includes interview) by Ajit Jha
An average Indian has learned to live with power cuts. For them, it is not the intermittent power cuts for short or long duration that makes news, but the continuous power supply is making headlines.
Minute’s silence for Israelis killed at 1972 Munich Olympics (Includes first-hand account) by Richard Milnes
Jewish leaders observe a minute’s silence at 11am to remember the eleven Israeli athletes and coaches killed in Munich on 5 September 1972.
Myself getting a book signed by Rubio
Myself getting a book signed by Rubio
Marco Rubio's Barnes & Noble book tour(Includes interview and first-hand account) by Emma Burge
This month, Florida Senator Marco Rubio has been touring the east coast to promote his new book "An American Son". I can now say from personal experience that yes, he is that attractive and charismatic in person.
City Attorney goes after predatory 'pay-day loan' franchises (Includes interview) by Jonathan Farrell
San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera seeks restitution of over $7 million to California consumers entangled in "pay day loan" outlets.

Top Images

A collection of Creepy Crawly Insects
A collection of Creepy Crawly Insects
SONA 2012: A Day In The Life of Philippines
SONA 2012: A Day In The Life of Philippines
Beachgoers play with their dog
Beachgoers play with their dog

In the Media

Rare snake-like amphibian resembling penis found in Brazil by JohnThomas Didymus
Scientists have identified "blind snakes" found last year at the bottom of Brazil's Madeira River as rare amphibian species Atretochoana eiselti. People who have seen images of the animal, however, comment on its remarkable similarity to the human penis.
In Italy, telling a man he has 'no balls' is now a crime by Brett Wilkins
In Italy, it is now a crime punishable by a fine to tell a man that he "has no balls" following a ruling by the country's highest court.
London 2012: China still ahead in gold medal count after day 4 by Leo Reyes
China is still ahead in the race for the top spot in Olympic gold medal ranking on day 4 of the London 2012 Olympics but the US is now leading in total medal count.
Oregon man sentenced to jail for collecting rain water by Anne Sewell
Gary Harrington, an Oregon man, will be spending a month in jail, after being convicted on nine misdemeanor charges. His crime? "Illegally" collecting rain water on his own property.
Author JK Rowling testifies to the Leveson Inquiry  November 24  2011.
Author JK Rowling testifies to the Leveson Inquiry, November 24, 2011.
J. K. Rowling withholds new book from publishers, fears piracy by Brian LaSorsa
Author J. K. Rowling has decided to withhold her upcoming book from a handful of foreign publishers over fears of piracy.
Video: Olympic reporter observing Ramadan kissed by female fan by JohnThomas Didymus
A Muslim Olympic reporter received female attention forbidden for Muslim men during Ramadan. While the Muslim man was broadcasting live on Sky News Arabia outside Old Trafford, he was literally attacked with a kiss by a blonde soccer fan.
Olympics — Phelps wins Medal No.19 by David Stern
After hearing all the premature talk focused on Michael Phelps' inability to continue his 2008 Olympic success, Phelps put all that talk to rest on Tuesday by winning his 19th career medal.
Fake New York Times article in support of WikiLeaks fools the Web by JohnThomas Didymus
A fake New York Times article reportedly written by former editor Bill Keller that supports WikiLeaks was widely circulated online and fooled many readers into believing that The New York Times supports the WikiLeaks' First Amendment rights.
Op-Ed: James Holmes — Conspiracy theorists note variation between photos by Anne Sewell
An image has been posted on Facebook, which highlights differences between the first image of the alleged Colorado shooter, posted in the media, and that of Holmes in court.
The mystery girl in the Indian Olympic contingent by Ajit Jha
For close to 48 hours, the Indian authorities were clueless on an unanticipated appearance of an unidentified girl in the Indian contingent walking next to the flag bearer Sushil Kumar for the entire lap of the Olympic stadium during the opening ceremony.
Op-Ed: Did Obama say 'F*** You' to US Senators? by Emma Burge
According to yet another recent release from the whistle blower organization Wikileaks, President Barack Obama may have some serious explaining to do.
NHS in Olympic ceremony angers UK conservatives, vexes US media by Brett Wilkins
The prominent inclusion of Britain's National Health Service (NHS) in the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics has angered conservative politicians and perplexed many American observers.
Black couple's wedding banned by white Mississippi Baptist church by Brett Wilkins
A black couple in Mississippi planning to get married in the predominantly white church they often attend was barred from having their wedding there due to objections from members of the congregation.
Mass arrests — 'Critical Mass' cycle ride during Olympics opening by Anne Sewell
London police have made arrests and used pepper spray against the “Critical Mass” cycle ride, as the British capital kicks off the opening ceremony of the 2012 Summer Games. (Updated).

Top Blogs

A two-day contest: Write the most popular article/blog, win $50! by David Silverberg
Digital Journal is introducing a short but sweet contest: in the next two days, starting at 2 p.m. ET today, and ending...
Bullying: Why I Couldn't Have Done It Without You by Robin Scott Dorf
As a child growing up in Northwest Arkansas, I can remember wondering why children chose to be mean to others; often making fun of those who were different whether in looks, socioeconomic class, or mental and physical acuity...
Want to write a novel? by Steve Hayes
Lots of people want to write a novel. But they make life difficult for themselves and they never achieve their ambition...

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