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Video: Air Jaws Apocalypse to kick off Shark Week on Discovery

By Elizabeth Batt     Aug 3, 2012 in Entertainment
Ready for Shark Week on Aug 12? The Discovery Channel is. ITM Instruments, makers of an award-winning camera called 'The Phantom' has released some incredible footage of shark attacks in slow motion, captured by their super high-speed camera.
Discovery’s Shark Week is just nine days away, and to celebrate Shark Week’s 25th anniversary, the network is kicking off its shark celebration with Air Jaws Apocalypse.
Take a photographer, author and shark expert—Chris Fallows, and a natural history producer Jeff Kurr, then send them off on a 12-month mission to Seal Island in South Africa, to capture extreme closeup footage of a 14-foot great white shark named Colossus.
Equipped with a Phantom High Speed Camera, capable of capturing 1 million fps, the duo get closer than ever before to film great whites jumping out of the water as they attack their meal.
ITM's Phantom cameras boast Emmy and Academy-award-winning technology that has also won numerous research and development awards. ITM Instruments says that "with unsurpassed light-sensitivity, image resolution, acquisition speed, and image quality" their cameras "set the benchmark in the high-speed imaging industry."
You can see the results for yourself. Part of their 12-month expedition has been released by ITM Instruments?Discovery Channel and is captured in the high definition video above.
Shark Week beings August 12 at 9 p.m. EST.
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