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article imageOp-Ed: UK crime round up — theft and far, far worse

By Alexander Baron     Aug 2, 2012 in Crime
Oldham - A child rapist is given a 22 year sentence; a shopkeeper steals a winning lottery ticket from an elderly woman, and a billionaire appears in court for preventing the burial of his wife.
A 59 year old man has been gaoled for 22 years in what is hopefully not only the last legal case but the last we will hear of this sort of thing, in Britain at least. Shabir Ahmed was described as the leader of a gang of lowlifes who preyed on girls as young as 13 in the Greater Manchester area. He had already received a 19 year sentence.
This complex, difficult and at times quite harrowing case has led to much manufactured controversy because the predators were all Asian, or Moslems according to Nick (Islam is the root of all evil) Griffin. On one side are Griffin and his fellow travellers who have sought to make this a race/religious issue, while on the other side have been the usual politically correct morons who see only the Great White Bigot.
Ahmed himself tried to play the race card, but the jury wasn't buying it.
The reality is that these men are nominal Moslems, and sexual predators come in all flavours, but, as Jack Straw said, there is a view amongst some young Asian men that white girls are easy meat. We should be asking ourselves why that is, not the predators.
It should be no comfort to anyone that the victim who suffered most at Ahmed's hands was an Asian girl who was said to have been abused and raped for more than a decade. One should ask therefore why a life sentence was not imposed, something is entirely appropriate for serial rape, especially when the crimes are committed against children.
If Ahmed neglected the Five Pillars of Islam, someone else who needs to read the Holy Qur'an, small print and all, is Farrak Nizzar. His crime although totally non-violent was despicable.
When 77 year old Maureen Holt bought a lottery ticket and won a million pounds, she couldn't believe her luck. Neither could Farrak Nizzar when she handed it to him to check. He told her it was worthless, and threw it away, or appeared to. Then he tried to claim her winnings himself.
Fortunately, when he tried to cash the ticket, he came unstuck. Generally, no organisation will hand over a million pounds in cash to an individual without performing some sort of due diligence, and he was soon dragged in front of the magistrates in Oldham where he pleaded guilty. They appear to have decided he needs a stiffer sentence than they can hand out, so he will appear before the Crown Court later this month. Shabir Ahmed is from Oldham. It must he something in the air.
Finally, few people feel sorry for a billionaire when he finds himself in trouble, well, Steve Jobs was a worthy exception. Unlike Steve Jobs, Hans Rausing may not have been suffering from cancer, but he and his wife might just as well have been. The death of Eva Rausing was reported early last month, and on Wednesday, he appeared before a judge at Isleworth Crown Court, London, and pleaded guilty to preventing her burial.
Although there is now no suggestion of foul play, under other circumstances he could have found himself facing a murder charge. If later he had attempted to dispose of her body, who would have believed his story? Fortunately for him, though of course not for her, he appears to have been so far "out of it" that this was never likely to happen.
Unlike some of the super-rich, the Rausing family have donated considerable sums to worthy causes, including those related to drug abuse. As Judge Richard McGregor-Johnson pointed out in handing down a suspended sentence, Mr Rausing and his late wife had had every material advantage. There is undoubtedly a lesson here for us all; if a billionaire is not safe from this terrible affliction, then no one is, but the war on drugs has clearly failed, and it is time to look for alternatives, however radical they may be.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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