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article imageVideo: Excited Train Guy positively 'chuffed' upon seeing engine

By Elizabeth Batt     Aug 2, 2012 in Odd News
New York - While trainspotting in New York, this enthusiast goes 'loco' upon seeing a Heritage 1953 EA vintage train. His unbridled enthusiasm is contagious, but more than a touch disturbing.
The title of the video, "Excited Train Guy in New York," is an understatement of the greatest degree, ever.
In fact, this guy's response at spotting this particular train is so extreme, it is akin to being told you've won a record amount of money in the history of the lottery.
The video, uploaded to YouTube by SNCRwy, is two minutes 29 seconds of un-railroaded passion.
"I've been waiting for this moment for months," yells the trainspotter, "and it's finally here. I'm finally going to get a Heritage unit on camera. Yeah! Alright!" he gushes.
As the train begins to move and sounds its horn, the guy becomes practically apoplectic. "A 1953 EA—whoo-hoo—ah yeah!" Then the train sounds its horn. "Oh my God!" he screams, (yes screams), "listen to that horn! Oh my God—she's beautiful!"
But just when you think the man couldn't be more chuffed, he sees what the 1953 EA Heritage is towing; the SNC-52 only inflames him further. Now by this point, one could be forgiven for thinking that the trainspotter's passion has reached its zenith here, but another honk of the horn dispels that thought and sends the guy into overdrive.
"That horn gives me the chills!" he shrieks, very much like a runaway train gorging on uranium.
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