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article imageVideo: Exclusive interview with Christine Assange about her son

By Anne Sewell     Aug 2, 2012 in World
Quito - In an exclusive interview with Julian Assange's mother Christine, an insight is given into Assange, his background, where he came from, and where he is today.
Digital Journal reported on July 29, that Christine Assange was to travel to Ecuador to plead her son's case.
While Julian Assange is awaiting Ecuador's decision on his appeal for political asylum, his mother, Christine is in Quito, to discuss her son's fate with the country's foreign minister and President Rafael Correa.
She spoke about the ongoing case with Eva Gollinger, host and lawyer, of RT Spanish, in the above interview.
She talks about her award-winning journalist son, Julian, giving a more detailed background about his personality, what he had hoped to be when he was a child, and his hopes for the future.
She is asked how she feels about the work that Julian Assange has done in the past, and its affect on the world. Christine explains that while he was exposing human rights abuses in regimes in smaller countries, everything was OK. But once he started exposing the secrets of the U.S. government, things changed drastically.
When asked about this, Christine Assange says:
"When he initially started WikiLeaks, he told me that he was doing something to help people in repressive regimes, citizen whistleblowers, to be able to get the truth out about some of the abuses that were happening inside their countries."
"For four years, that's what happened, and his life was not threatened in any way. He received awards for that work."
"But then when the documents came to the WikiLeaks dropbox on America, things all changed. For some reason it was all right to produce documents about other countries, but as soon as the United States was embarrassed, his life became threatened," she said.
Christine says that she is very afraid that should he be extradited to Sweden, her son will be sent to the U.S. and will be subjected to imprisonment and torture.
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