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article imageOp-Ed: 7 days that have Mitt Romney desperately seeking solutions

By Marcus Hondro     Aug 2, 2012 in Politics
Here we go: Wed. July 25 to Wed. Aug. 1 were seven really bad days for Mitt Romney. He'll deny it, in his shoes you and I would, too, but that's spin. Had they come further along it'd be over, but still they were seven days that jeopardize his campaign.
Here's a rough recap/timeline of events:
1) gives an interview to NBC TV in London and he foolishly criticizes the London games. He's vilified throughout the U.K., and criticized at home, for doing so, totally overshadowing a visit meant to make him seem presidential and capable of representing his country overseas.
2) in Israel he talks a little too tough when speaking about Iran but that pales next to his statement that Israel's superior culture is the reason they are more successful economically than Palestine; Palestinians are outraged, many calling him a "racist" and criticizing him of showing a deep lack of understanding of the region.
3) in Warsaw, Poland, he is refusing to answer questions from American media and an aide gets frustrated enough with persistence from the fourth estate to tell them to "kiss my ass" and specifically suggests one reporter "shove it." On his return home, Romney is greeted by countless stories detailing how he flunked his trip and embarrassed himself.
4) The Brookings Institute releases a report that examined his proposed tax cuts and finds that they would provide households with incomes over $1 million average tax cuts of $87,117 but for all those middle-class American households - voters - earning $200,000 or less his proposal would provide for substantial tax increases.
5) a poll released Wed. Aug. 1 finds that in the key battleground states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida, Romney is trailing; by 6 percentage points in both Ohio and Florida and by 11 percentage points in Pennsylvania. Poll finds reasons for these numbers are doubts about his business background and recipients feeling that Obama cares more about them than Romney.
It is generally believed that Romney cannot win the presidency if he does not win 2 of these 3 key states. Neither camp is campaigning in Pennsylvania now, suggesting they consider it to be decided; if so, that leaves Romney needing to come back in both Ohio and Florida.
Mitt Romney: now on comeback campaign trail
Of this onslaught of lousy news, 1-4 are brought on entirely by himself. Their effect is to leave his campaign needing something positive to help regain a footing. But there is no new bad news about the economy, in fact numbers released Aug. 1 show auto sales grew 8.9 percent in July as that industry continues to recover. Further, other items, like accusations he outsourced jobs at Bain Capital and his refusal to release tax information, continue to make headlines.
Will naming a V.P. help? That has to be the next strategy to give his campaign a boost, though it's hard to find a name that will matter greatly, shy of the risen ghost of Ronald Reagan (which would thrill Tea Party adherents because they love Ronald Reagan and a good resurrection). Whatever his road back, Mitt Romney needs to take it and take it now because if he continues to accumulate bad news before too long any good news will be too late.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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