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article imageGore Vidal dies at 86

By Gar Swaffar     Aug 1, 2012 in Entertainment
Gore Vidal was a celebrated author, playwright and political commenter. Gore Vidal reached the age of 86 and has now died.
For a great many years, Gore Vidal has been a commenter on politics in the United States and elsewhere, but is probably best known as an author and playwright. Less well known is that he is a cousin to former Vice President Al Gore.
Vidal was brought up in a political family by default. His parents divorced when he was ten years old and he went to live with his grandfather, T.P. Gore of Oklahoma.
Vidal was a vastly multifaceted individual whose credits, according to IMDb, included an Edgar Allen Poe award in 1955, plus nominations for an Emmy and WGA award.
He also wrote nearly one hundred screenplays, for TV, plays, and movies, plus novels such as Myra Breckinridge, and the screenplay for The Best Man, a political themed movie about two presidential hopefuls.
Gore Vidal, whether liked or disliked as regards to his politics, lifestyle or character was a man full of wit, and true style. He was a man willing to say what he had to say, with apparent total disregard for what anyone around him might think.
As a result of his disregard for others' opinions, he was a rich source of famous quotes, some of which are rarely credited to him, such as: "Politics is made up of two words: "Poli," which is Greek for "many," and "tics," which are bloodsucking insects."
Also; "I find stupidity very exciting. And I'm excited all day long.", and, "I remember [grandfather Senator T. P. Gore] always said, "This whole country is based on only one thing: due process of law, involving Habeas Corpus." The only good thing England gave us was Magna Carta, which he regarded as sacred."
Gore Vidal died at home in the Hollywood Hills late Tuesday according to his nephew Burr Steers as reported by Fox and CNN.
One last quote from Gore Vidal:
My father was asked, "How do you explain Gore's courage?" "Courage about what?" replied my father. "It's not courageous if you don't care what people think of you." He had my number. Of course, one does care, but which kind of people is the question.
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