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article imageOp-Ed: Food of the future, insects and fake food

By Melissa Horrocks     Jul 30, 2012 in Food
Due to increasing food prices and a growing population, food of the future needs to reflect what people can afford. Therefore, meat may become a luxury and the probability of people eating bugs will increase.
I cannot think of anything worse than eating bugs. I certainly would never eat a spider. However, I may just have to try an insect or two, if this is what the future holds.
Futurologists are saying that bug burgers are a reality of a staple diet, in the future. In fact, there is the same nutritional values of insects as there is beef. In 20 years time, people could enjoy tucking into a plate of insect burger with chips.
Historic food is likely to become the trend in the future. Food such as, fermented fish entrails, heron, peacock, dolphin, porpoise and seagull will be enjoyed.
Due to the growth in popularity and the rising costs of food, this will make people find other treats to enjoy. People in the West are already used to eating cheap, abundant meat. Experts predict that insects will be a common dish on the menu of a restaurant. However, insects will be named mini-livestock as this name can disguise what they actually are and make them seem more edible.
The positive benefits of eating insects include; they are less expensive to breed and care for, than cattle. Insects are more environmentally friendly and drink less water. There are over 1,400 insects that can be eaten by humans, according to BBC News.
According to Standard Media, environmental factors, an increasing population and rising food costs are concerning the United Nations and the government. Consequently, this has led them to worry about what humans will eat, in the future. In the UK, meat prices are expected to increase so much, that meat will be a luxury.
It won't just be bush tucker food like, witchetty grubs, either. It will be all kinds of bugs, crushed up and used as food. Crickets may be crushed up and used instead of beef for burgers. Sausages may be made out of grasshoppers or ants. The Dutch government is already backing insect food. They have invested one million euros (£783,000) into further research that will prepare legislation and create insect farms.
Many people already eat insects as part of their regular diet. In Africa, caterpillars and locusts can be found on the menu, Japanese people eat wasps and in Thailand, crickets are popular.
According to Natural News, a Euroscience Open Forum held in Dublin, had people talking about how food of the future, may be lab inspired and not real food. Instead, food would mimic real food, but be made in the laboratory. Six One News and other food professionals showed a panel, how foods could be made, quite simply, by using a combination of laboratory chemicals. Foods such as, lemon souffle and chocolate pudding was made using a combination of foams, gels and solids. It is thought that these foods will grow in popularity, as real foods become more expensive to buy.
Bill Yosses, White House executive pastry chef, believes that by using fake foods, the taste, freshness and quality will be improved. However, for the elites of this world, like Obama, they will be able to eat fresh, natural food, like that out of Michelle Obama's organic garden.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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