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article imageIranian morality police reward women who dress modestly

By Katerina Nikolas     Jul 30, 2012 in World
The heat of an Iranian summer can lead to women wearing their mandatory headscarves improperly. Now, in a bid to enforce modest dressing with a carrot rather than stick, morality police are gifting roses to women who dress appropriately during Ramadan.
Iranian Moral Police and the Revolutionary Guards patrol the streets of Iran, ready to pounce on women deemed to be dressed immodestly or in a vulgar style. Ahmadinejad’s government created a programme to "expand the culture of the hijab and modesty," and recently the stakes have been raised as Iran is determined to intensify the struggle against women who dress in an un-Islamic way.
YNet reported that police morality squads in a northern Iranian province are now handing out roses as a reward to women who dress modestly. According to Alarabiya Iranian police Chief Ismael Ahmadi Moqadam said the regime “must not allow the virus to spread by badly worn headscarves" and it requires the assistance of Iran's "moral capital and pious people."
Gifting a rose represents a change in tactics by the morality squads who berate or detain women who dress inappropriately, and even recently closed 80 food shops where women were failing to strictly adhere to the Islamic dress code.
Alireza Nourizadeh, director of the Center for Arab & Iranian Studies in London, has mocked the new rose giving policy, saying "this method shows no respect for women. It shows that women are a tool.”
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