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article imageAfghan man alleges beating by Greek police

By Katerina Nikolas     Jul 28, 2012 in World
A group of Afghans in Greece has alleged that Greek police beat an Afghan man in his Athens apartment. They allege police demanded money from the immigrant, and the attack led to his fall from a balcony.
Ekathimerini reported the allegations were made by the The Association of Afghans United in Greece. The group has requested the incident be investigated by the Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias.
Afghan refugee Ahsan Hossin Zade claims police entered his apartment demanding money from him and his compatriots. As his fellow countrymen fled, police allegedly pushed Zade over the balcony, leading to his hospitalization.
Digital Journal reported Human Rights Watch claimed earlier this month that Greek police ignored racist attacks which are on the rise in the debt ridden nation. Whilst alleging police discouraged victims from pursing justice, HRW did not allege police were actually complicit in attacks.
However, as Human Rights Organizations condemn the growing violence meted out towards immigrants in Greece, their reports tend to be one-sided. They fail to report on the violence and crime perpetrated by illegal immigrants against the native population, such as the murder of a Greek man in Patras by Afghan illegals in May, or the fear of residents forced to live in deprived areas which have been taken over by illegals.
DW reported that there are one million Afghans in Iran waiting to enter Europe illegally, who opt to use the Iran-Turkey-Greece route. They pay an average €10,000 to people smugglers to cross into Greece, with the exit costs an additional €5,000. Most Afghan migrants would choose to leave Greece, using it just as an entry point into Europe, thus making the port city of Patras a popular destination for those who seek to enter Italy illegally from Greece. Stuck in Greece without the means to raise the necessary €5,000 to further their European journey, crime becomes an inevitable option for those intent on continuing their journey.
One Afghan who has made his way into Greece told DW that the economic situation in Greece has resulted in some Afghans becoming criminals, noting that they also turn on fellow immigrants demanding money, beating those who refuse to hand over money. HRW fail to report on Afghans as victims of fellow Afghans, limiting their report to complaints regarding their treatment at the hands of Greeks. They also fail to report that often the funds needed to pay people smugglers to enter Greece are raised through the smuggling of drugs, introducing illegal substances to a country that had some of the lowest recorded drug use in Europe prior to the economic crisis.
The asylum system in Greece is in chaos, unable to cope with the relentless influx of new arrivals which target Greece as their entry point to Europe due to lax Turkish controls of the long porous border. The illegals are not wanted by other European countries they attempt to enter from Greece, thus leaving the burden with the Greek state.
The Greek government has failed to come up with a cohesive policy to deal with illegal immigration, and the EU fails desperately in providing support to tackle the issue.
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