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article imageOp-Ed: Mideast crisis nears all out war

By Eliot Elwar     Jul 26, 2012 in World
The Mideast crisis could explode into all-out-war very soon. Israel makes tough warning over Syrian weapons cache and Syria says chemical arms are reserved for attack from abroad.
Additionally, Mofaz offers hints about Netanyahu’s plan to attack Iran and only two hours are needed for Syrian chemical weapons to reach Lebanon as four armies prepare.
The Assad regime draws closer than ever to collapse as Israel steps up the rhetoric against Syria, warning that Israel could take military action if Hezbollah acquire Syria’s advanced weapons, according to Yahoo News.
Syrian officials warned recently that they will deploy chemical weapons against any foreign intervention. This threat is intended to ward off any attack by Western nations while offering what Washington officials describe as the most “direct confirmation” of Syria’s stockpile of unconventional armaments, according to the New York Times.
Israel’s opposition leader Shaul Mofaz, who served as deputy prime minister to Benjamin Netanyahu, gave a hint recently that the prime minister intends to launch a military strike against Iran within the near future. Mofaz declared that Kadima wanted no part in “operational adventures” planned by Netanyahu, which he said would endanger Israelis, according to the Times of Israel.
The Turkish and Jordanian armies and US Middle East forces have switched to preparedness mode in the last few hours in case the Syrian chemical weapons arsenal begins moving west toward Lebanon, according to DEBKA file’s military sources. Acting in unison, those armies are on the ready for instantaneous action because it would require roughly two hours to cover the distance from Syria to the Hezbollah-controlled Bakaa Valley of east Lebanon. Their arrival there would mean a war on Hezbollah, according to DEBKA.
The time for the all-out war is very close. Israel is now frankly speaking of striking Syria to find and abolish the Syrian chemical and biological weapons stockpile. When Israelis speak like this, they are not bluffing and the war appears very close. Assad said Syria will employ the weapons on any attacking nation. Israel cannot allow Hezbollah or the Muslim Brotherhood to acquire these weapons. Israel could execute surprise attacks on Syria. Israel gave a serious warning against its enemies; therefore, the attack could be within the next few days or weeks. This situation is very dangerous for the Mideast because If Israel attacks Syria, Iran will seize the opportunity to strike Israel, which would ignite major warfare in the region. There are many ways this situation could develop, but whatever happens, Syria is doomed and it could disappear from history.
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