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article imageTrongs infomercial for finger-food utensil goes viral

By Katerina Nikolas     Jul 26, 2012 in Internet
A fast-talking infomercial touting the ultimate in sticky-finger prevention has become a viral hit. Promoted as the must-have accessory for eating messy foods without the mess, the plastic finger extensions are fast selling out due to appeal of the video.
Eric Zimmermann and Dan Ferrara are the fast-talking duo who promote their unique invention of Trongs on the latest viral video.
Claiming there is nothing "worse than that pasty sticky mess left on your fingers" after diving into ribs, wings or sushi, the pair developed a one-size-fits all finger-food gadget made of polypropylene, to wear on the end of one's fingers when eating messy food.
The gadget allows the wearer to continue multi-tasking whilst eating, without transferring the grease or stickiness to cell phones or babies. Trongs also eliminate the need to wash filthy hands before eating, allowing the starving to tuck into food without wasting soap or water.
According to the Trongs website the gadget has proved so popular that the handy six packs have sold out, leaving consumers only able to order a one-pair pack for the bargain price of $2.95.
Zimmermann and Ferrara attach great importance to their invention: not to put too fine a point on it the pair claim Trongs can help to achieve world peace by eliminating the frustration of sticky fingers.
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