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article imageOp-Ed: Colorado shooting gets major media attention, not Syria's deaths

By Mindy Allan     Jul 25, 2012 in World
The Colorado massacre that killed 11 and injured more than 60 people was world news, but the news from Syria of the 49 children massacred didn't have the same impact since it wasn't reported in the media as a daily event. Why?
Most people don't know anything about Syria. While the media is focused on the carnage in a Denver movie theater, Syria has begun to collapse into war chaos and destruction. America just got a taste of what it means to survive a warlike experience.
The war against Syria began in the outer villages where whole families were massacred.
Now we hear about the bombing of towns as well as the attack on the headquarters of Syria's national security council in Damascus by so - called rebels killing three top security officials in Syria.
Who will be next? Iran? Pakistan? Yemen?
Massacres like the Colorado movie theater shooting are daily events in the following countries.
AFGHANISTAN: In 2011, the value of opium production more than doubled in Afghanistan from the previous year to $1.4bn and now accounts for 15% of the economy. While the alleged Taliban enemy definitely get income from opium cultivation, the lion's share of drug profits still disappears. Where does that lion's share go? The maker of this video suggests it's the US-NATO forces. How is that possible?
IRAQ: After the U.S. seized control of Iraq, the oil reserves were to be auctioned off. Here's what happened.
Everyone who survived the Colorado massacre experienced war with no foreknowledge of the death, destruction, and mayhem that was coming - just like the people in Syria do everyday.
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