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Op-Ed: Was mind control involved in the Colorado batman massacre?

By Mindy Allan     Jul 23, 2012 in Crime
Alleged Colorado theater shooter James Holmes makes his first court appearance, seeming to be dazed and in a zombie-like state. Was Mr. Holmes the victim of mind control?
Digital Journal reported that many believe that James Holmes was just as much as a victim as those he killed. Numerous reports from people who knew the shooter say they can't believe he did it.
It is clear from his court appearance he is not all there and may possibly still have no idea what it was that he did. Reports said he was not cooperating with the police which conflicts with the police making the statement that it was Holmes who told them his apartment was rigged with explosives.
It has been reported he didn't have a job, was getting evicted from his apartment but was still able to purchase firearms and ammunition, along with some very expensive protective gear. There have been eyewitness reports that he didn't act alone, and that he had a girlfriend.
The truth has yet to be told and more information to the story will unfold. Whistleblower James Casbolt claims to have been a victim of mind control and stated:
Mind control is just that: total mind control of an individual so they can be triggered into doing ANYTHING the handlers instruct.
These programs can be activated using hypnotic triggers such as key words and phrases, and patterns with certain and long radio waves that activate tiny microchips injected in the body. There are photos of some of these chips in this book. The cranial implant I had in 1988 when I was eleven years old was an old “Tetra” series device. I have now been upgraded but was not told the name of the piece of hardware.
As long as the hypnotic trigger is in the right sequence, the sleeper can be activated. Sleeper agents can be activated for tasks over the phone, as well.
The following is a procedure used by Project Mannequin to set tasks and upload data into cranial implants that victims of the projects have been installed with - this is done by computer at the AL/499. Pre-programmed tasks for sleepers have been installed into the bases’ security computer years ago, as the project has a “life plan” for individuals to advance its agenda. This information was given to me by Barry King, a former AL/499 security officer.
Was James Holmes under some kind of mind control? U.S. Colonels Michael Aquino and Paul Valley in 1980 wrote "PSYOP to Mind WarThe Psychology of Victory" which promotes military use of mind control technologies and psychotronics against "the enemy."
In 2005 Cheryl Welsh, director of Mind Justice and Harlan Girard, director of International Committee Against Offensive Microwave Weapons shared their research on targeted individuals of the Government Mind Control program and its victims. The debate Welsh and Girard started in 2005 is once again brought to the fore by the recent Aurora, Colorado massacre.
London - based mind control victim and survivor James Casbolt had an accident that altered his life forever. He wrote about his experience and how he believes the accident opened up his memory banks. Casbolt believes he could be controlled mentally to commit crimes that he would never do otherwise.
What Casbolt describes in his letter makes one question the Colorado shooter's mental state even more.
In an investigative report journalist Michael Hanna reveals the military's attempt to incorporate psychic kill techniques, wherein soldiers are trained to kill without thought by mind manipulation. The alleged shooter James Holmes was described by witnesses as being in a zombie state shooting everyone.
The question remains - was James Holmes one of many unsuspecting civilians who have been subjected to mind control technologies as this comprehensive report describes?
And is this tragic event intended to manipulate the American public into giving up their 2nd Amendment rights?
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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