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article imageBritish woman literally gets off on the Statue of Liberty

By Brett Wilkins     Jul 22, 2012 in Odd News
A British woman who falls in love with inanimate objects instead of people claims she had an orgasm just from touching the Statue of Liberty on a recent visit to New York City.
Amanda Whittaker of Leeds, England is unapologetically enamored with the Statue of Liberty. Her home is profusely adorned with Lady Liberty kitsch, and she's been to New York to rendezvous with her long-distance lover five times.
On her latest visit to see 'Libby,' as she calls the monument, the 27-year-old shop assistant says just touching the statue brought her to orgasm.
"I was overwhelmed with emotional and sexual excitement," Whittaker told The Sun. "When I saw her, I almost cried."
While some may find Whittaker's infatuation bizarre and wonder how a 305-foot-tall (93 m) statue could pleasure a woman, she insists that "Libby satisfies my lovemaking needs."
Whittaker told the Sun that she could feel the statue hugging her back when she embraced, paying little attention to the other stunned tourists looking on in disbelief as she shouted her love for 'Libby.'
She also recited a poem she wrote for the statue and spent hours talking to it, pledging her undying and faithful love.
Whittaker's love for 'Libby' is known as objectum sexuality. Objectophiles develop deep emotional and sexual bonds with inanimate objects. Before falling head over heels for the Statue of Liberty, Whittaker says she was in love with a drum kit for years.
Erika Eiffel, a San Francisco woman who "married" the Eiffel Tower, co-founded a website for objectophiles. It's symbol is a Swedish red fence, which represents transparency, division and the one true love of Eklöf Berliner-Mauer, the first person with objectum sexuality to go public.
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