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article imageVideo: Watch 'Seagulls on laxatives prank'

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jul 22, 2012 in Internet
A group of boys videotaped the very messy results of feeding laxatives to a flock of seagulls.The boys covered potato chips in sticky laxative and threw them on the beach for the seagulls to feed on.
Although the video has gone viral with several thousand views, the reaction to this unusual prank showing seagulls pooping on every inch of space and on everybody at the beach has been very mixed.
Most people think it is funny yet can't help feeling uneasy about the possible harmful effect on the birds. YouTube users concerned about animal rights have condemned the prank and accused the boys of animal abuse. Other users think it is disgusting.
The effect of the laxatives on the birds besides making them poop on everyone is uncertain. A YouTube user Nosferat23 attacks another who thinks this prank is funny:
"What exactly did you find funny? Giving laxatives meant for humans to birds is like me injecting you with a giant horse tranquilizer, then laughing while you slowly die since the dosage is at least 15 times as much as your body is able to handle."
Rockerchick7890 responds:
"Animal abuse? hardly. animals are given laxatives all the time, s******g doesn't equally harm. they got food out of it, stop being moralfag."
No matter what one thinks, such pranks should not be encouraged.
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