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article imageAdorable 8-year-old writes priceless essay about being female

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jul 21, 2012 in Internet
A Reddit user David7902, displayed with pride an essay his eight-year-old daughter wrote about being female. The father and his daughter are the cynosure on the Parenting subreddit as users enthuse at the promise of a "self-confident" woman in the making.
An image of the little girl's essay is shown below. An adult prompts her with an introduction to the topic that reads:
"Being a female is a great gift to the universe, here are a few wonderful things about being a girl...
The girl completes the essay with a list of startlingly insightful observations for an eight-year-old about being female (unedited):
“We have veginas. We get jobs. We are creative. We have stuff that makes us preanet. We have milk in our bobes. We are smart. We have power,"
The essay ends abruptly with a "comma" that conjures a picture of the girl pouring herself on paper at a sudden gush of timely inspiration.
Eight-year-old s essay about being female
Eight-year-old's essay about being female
Reddit users are enthusing over the girl's refreshing insight into her femininity.
User kittenstinkhauser, congratulates the girl's father:
"I'd like to applaud you for teaching your daughter the term 'vagina'. It's shocking to me that more people do not, and how most find it off-putting to hear 'vagina' and 'penis'. They're the anatomically correct terms and nicknaming genitalia things like 'wee-wee' or 'privates' is just feeding into the subconscious of a child that these are taboo, secret things that should not be talked about. It's not a smelling-hole, it's a nose; they're not hearing-places, they're ears; they're not seeing-balls, they're eyes. Good on you for being mature enough to teach your child the proper name for a body part!"
Another Reddit user rachellllll, recalls:
"I am a girl and I vividly remember the day I learned the term 'vagina.' I was 8 years old and two of my friends were arguing over it was called a 'Jemima' (like Aunt Jemima?) or a 'vagina'. looking back, it was a funny argument, but I can't believe it took that long for anyone to teach me the proper name for my parts."
MSN Now comments that it sounds as if "David7902 is raising an intelligent, confident and insightful young lady!"
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