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article imageOp-Ed: Terror strike kills Israeli tourists in Bulgaria

By Eliot Elwar     Jul 19, 2012 in World
This month, a suicide bombing attack on Jewish tourists, who had just landed at the Burgas Airport in Bulgaria, killed seven persons and injured dozens of people. Analysts expect more attacks on Jews worldwide as war appears likely in the Mideast.
According to Israel Nation News, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said “all signs point to Iran as the perpetrator of the murderous terror attack in Burgas, Bulgaria." Netanyahu mentioned that the attack took place on the 18th anniversary of the blast at the AMIA building in Buenos Aires that killed 85. "Iranian terror continues to strike at innocents. Israel will respond with force to the Iranian terror."
According to Times of Israel, three people were killed in an attack on three Israeli tour buses at the Sarafovo International Airport in the Bulgarian vacation city of Bourgas. According to initial reports, three tour buses were attacked by a suicide bomber. Israel Police and the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry confirmed that 20 people were injured in the attack.
According to News Max, a bus carrying Israeli youth exploded Wednesday in a Bulgarian resort, killing four people and wounding 27, according to police and hospital officials. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called it "an Iranian terror attack" and promised a tough response.
Israeli intelligence has been warning about the threats to the Jewish community traveling and living outside of Israel, because many attempted attacks have been thwarted in recent months. This attack came on the 18th anniversary of the devastating Jewish Community Center bombing in Buenos Aires, Argentina that killed 85 people. Iranian backed terrorists carried out that attack, and while no claim of responsibility for the Bulgaria attack has yet been made, it seems likely that Hezbollah or another terrorist group armed, trained and funded by Iran is responsible for this latest deadly strike.
At the same time stories from Syria show the civil war there is intensifying, and the Israeli Defense Forces have expressed great concern over the fate of Syria’s large stockpile of chemical and biological weapons. The Assad regime is believed to be preparing these deadly and illegal weapons for possible use against their own people. And it is not clear that the government will remain in full control of these lethal tools in the increasingly violent and dangerous struggle for control playing out on Israel’s northern border.
The global political and military environment is very similar to the world’s situation prior to the First World War. Any event could trigger a Mideast war that could evolve into the next World War. Prime Minister Netanyahu is blaming Iran and Hezbollah for the recent attack. He said that Israel would respond with force. This event is so dangerous that it could ignite a major Mideast war. If Iran or Hezbollah carried out this violent operation, it means they are ready for combat with Israel. They would not conduct such an attack if they were not prepared for conflict. A war with Israel could save Assad’s regime in Syria because many Arabs would unite against Israel. This would then allow Iran to move its army through Syria to attack Israel. Israel will respond and the Iranians know this. The next few days, weeks, and months will be very intense.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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