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article imageMass Media ignore third party candidates for U.S. presidency

By Ken Hanly     Jul 19, 2012 in Politics
Washington - Most newspapers report only on candidates for the Republican and Democratic parties. However there are several other candidates for third parties running for the presidency. This article considers some third party candidates.
There are a number of libertarians within the Republican Party perhaps one of the best known being Ron Paul. However there is also a Libertarian Party with its own candidate for the presidency Gary Johnson. Johnson is a prominent U.S. politician having been governor of New Mexico from 1993 to 2003. His website can be found here.
The Libertarian party favors a smaller government and free markets with minimal regulations. Although sometimes regarded as conservative, on many social issues the party is closer to liberals, espousing strong civil liberties, drug liberalization, and LGBT rights. On foreign policy the party is for less intervention and favors diplomacy rather than military might to settle disputes with other countries. Johnson was nominated as presidential candidate on May 5 at a convention in Las Vegas.
The U.S. Green Party has nominated Jill Stein as their candidate after a convention in Baltimore on July 12th this year. The Green Party stresses environmentalism. However the party also promotes participatory democracy, social justice, respect for diversity, peace and non-violence. Their ten key values can are outlined here.
The Socialist Party USA is a third alternative party. This is a democratic socialist party opposed to communism and bureaucratic types of top-down socialism. Stewart Alexander became the nominee for the party back in October of 2011 at a convention in Los Angeles. The party advocates bringing big business under public ownership and democratic worker management. The website of the party can be found here.
There are alternatives to the two main parties but you would never know that from the mainstream press. The only parties that count for the media are the two main parties. There does not need to be a conspiracy to block coverage of the other parties. The other parties are not backed by money and big business for the most part and so they are unable to market themselves effectively.
There are other parties including the Justice Party organized just last November. The party has nominated Rocky Anderson a former mayor of Salt Lake City as their nominee. The Communist Party of the U.S.A. usually nominates a candidate as well but this year they have not nominated anyone as yet.
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