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article imageTimothy Hutton garners more 'Leverage' with his hit show Special

By Earl Dittman     Jul 19, 2012 in Entertainment
As the star of the hit drama 'Leverage' (in its fifth season) -- the story of a group of Robin Hood-like cons who steal from the rich and give to the swindled & misused -- Hutton confesses he is having the greatest time of his stellar professional career.
For Academy Award-winner Timothy Hutton (Best Supporting Actor for 1980's Ordinary People), the past four seasons as the lead con man on the cable drama series Leverage has supplied him with some of the most challenging and memorable moments of his 30-plus year career. "I've been acting for a long time, but I am having the time of my life doing Leverage," admits the 51-year-old son of the late film star Jim Hutton. The star of such cinematic classics as The Falcon and the Snowman, Taps, Ordinary People, Made In Heaven and City of Industry, Hutton has also dabbled acting in television series in the past, including stints on Kidnapped and A Nero Wolfe Mystery, but none have been as artistically gratifying and successful for Hutton as Leverage continues to be. "From the moment I read the first script for Leverage, I knew it was going to be something special," recalls Hutton, who was once married to actress Debra Winger (An Officer and A Gentleman). "It was unlike anything I had read or done before, and I really, really like being a part of it. Better still, audiences and fans began to love what we were doing from the very beginning. So, Leverage has been successful for me on so many levels, not just because of the ratings, but because it continually challenges me as a actor, and I have made a lot of great friends by doing it. I feel lucky to be part of such a great show."
Hutton in a scene from  Leverage
Hutton in a scene from "Leverage"
In the slick, crafty and ingenious Leverage, Hutton portrays Nate Ford, a former insurance investigator who exposed scams and recovered stolen items worth millions. But his life hit the skids when the insurance company he worked for allowed his ailing 8-year-old son to die. Years later, he discovered a new purpose in life by helping the downtrodden get even against corrupt bigwigs. Nate decided to get even for his son's death by becoming the leader of a specialized team of thieves, computer experts and con artists that right corporate and governmental injustices against honest citizens. In order to expose corruption of all kinds, Nate will do wrong for all the right reasons -- in essence, he provides "leverage." Together with his group of grifters, thieves, techies and muscle (played by his costars Gina Bellman, Christian Kane, Beth Riesgraf and Aldis Hodge), Nate takes down the bad guys through creative cons and tricky schemes.
"The writers always surprise me with the ideas, plots and cons they come up with," Hutton explains. "There is never a dull moment doing an episode of Leverage. I'll be honest, I haven't had a dull moment during the last four seasons of the show (Leverage: Season Four is now available on DVD)."
In Season Four of the Dean Devlin (Independence Day) -produced Leverage, the team faced bigger challenges than ever before. Along with navigating Nate’s struggle with his inner demons, the team dealt with an overzealous public relations expert (Michael Gladis); a millionaire who pays to have himself moved up on a heart-transplant waiting list; a woman who profits from people’s grief through a funeral scam; a corrupt agriculture corporation out to bury potato farmers; and a group trying to kill a World War II veteran (Danny Glover). With the addition of their nemesis, insurance-investigator-turned-Interpol-agent Jim Sterling (Mark Sheppard) and an unknown spy who could unravel their whole operation, the team had to tread carefully to complete their most difficult jobs.
Hutton with  Leverage  costar Beth Riesgraf
Hutton with 'Leverage' costar Beth Riesgraf
While Season Four has been called one of the best since the show's inception, Hutton promises Season Five (which began earlier this week) will be even more exciting and inventive. "There are some really fun and surprising cons the team tries to pull off this season," Hutton reveals. "I think fans are going to really enjoy them." On a deeper, more emotional level, Hutton says the dynamic between the fictional crew has changed and so has his character of Nate. "I think that the team have really come a lot closer together," he continues. "I think that in the fifth season, you'll see a lot of really great surprises and sides of each character that you haven't seen in previous seasons....and for Nate, with the way that his father died in the finale last year, I think it's kind of made him someone who isn't connected to his past and, instead, more interested in his future and his present way of going about life. And it's changed him, I think, quite a'll see a lot more of Nate figuring out what can happen to him in the future versus what has happened to him in the past."
In an exclusive interview with Hutton, the Oscar-winning actor reveals his feelings about his character, Nate, if the romance between the characters Nate and Sophie (Gina Bellman) will heat up this season, Hutton admits if he is personally "green," he talks about how Leverage has evolved over the past four seasons and what intricate, action-packed cons fans can expect to see in Season Five.
Hutton  as Nate  on a con job from  Leverage
Hutton, as Nate, on a con job from 'Leverage'
Timothy Hutton on Leverage:
What can fans of Leverage expect in the fifth season? What's different?
"Well, first of all, one of the biggest things they can expect to see is that the Leverage team has officially moved to Portland (Oregon), where we film the show. So they've left Boston, and what it's allowed the writers to do is use all these amazing locations around Portland, and just outside the city, for storylines. There are some amazing vineyards. And we're doing a show right now having to do with a winery and some bad things that are going on there, and the Leverage team infiltrating kind of the local wine industry and trying to correct that. So that's one big thing about Season Five. And another thing is I think that the team have really come a lot closer together. And for Nate, with the way that his father died in the finale last year, I think it's kind of made him someone who isn't connected to his past and, instead, more interested in his future and his present way of going about life. And it's changed him, I think, quite a bit."
What do you like about your character, Nate? Is really a good guy at heart?
"That's something. I think that he is a guy who has been burdened by a lot of events that happened in his past -- which anyone would be burned by and troubled by. But the way the writers have gone about the character, the fact that he spent almost all his time helping other people, I think, and trying to correct situations that people have been ripped off or wronged in some way, I think that he's a pretty good person. And then now going into this fifth year, you'll see a lot more of Nate figuring out what can happen to him in the future versus what has happened to him in the past."
The  Leverage  crew: Aldis Hodge  Christian Kane  Tim Hutton  Gina Bellman and Beth Riesgraf
The 'Leverage' crew: Aldis Hodge, Christian Kane, Tim Hutton, Gina Bellman and Beth Riesgraf
Portland is a pretty green city, so have you noticed if it's pretty green on the set? And, personally, what is Tim Hutton doing at home to be more eco-aware?
"Yes, it's very, very green on the set. I mean, I would say that we have one of the greenest sets, and not just because we're in Oregon, but it starts with (executive producer) Dean Devlin, he's very much concerned about this area, so the obvious things like recycling and separating what should be disposed of and how. And you're pulling people to work and trying to cut down on the use of trucks and various modes of transportation that are needed to produce the show, but all of that has been carefully considered. And, yes, Portland itself is a very, very green and one of the most bike-kindly cities. I mean, there are thousands of people that commute to work every day on their bikes. I've never seen that quite to the extent that it's here in Portland. And on a personal level, yes, I do my part and ask others. I get on people to do their part."
On Leverage, you obviously play a lot of different characters, because Nate is always pretending to be somebody else. Does that make the role harder or does it make it just a lot of fun?
"It definitely makes it a lot of fun to be able to play those different characters and the different cons and even because I always felt from the beginning, when I read the script that was the pilot, that there was a real opportunity with this character to kind of be different, depending on what day of the week it was or what situation was before him because you're somebody who's very conflicted and not particularly great around other people and, now, here, he's put together this team of former hackers, con artists and thieves. And he doesn't know them. He knows Sophie (Gina Bellman) a little bit. They certainly had a past. But it's a very kind of dysfunctional group of people. And it allows I think for Nate and the other characters, too -- we've all talked about it, the cast has talked about it, how there's a real sort of license to be different, aspects of our own person -- the character's personality, depending on the situation. There's no requirement as they walk into a certain Parker (Beth Riesgraf), a certain Hardison (Aldis Hodge) or a certain Eliot. (Christian Kane). And I think that in the fifth season, you'll see a lot of really great surprises and sides of each character that you haven't seen in previous seasons."
Nate (Hutton) feels holy in a con job from  Leverage
Nate (Hutton) feels holy in a con job from 'Leverage'
When we first spoke about Leverage, it was just before the first season began, and I remember you telling me, "I hope that Leverage does well and we'll at least get a couple of seasons out of it." Well, congratulations, you've gotten more than that, and thankfully so. Did you ever, at any time during the past four seasons, think, "Wow, I couldn't believe it would be going this great and people would love it this much?" Did the show's success ever surprise you, at any point?
"Well, I have to say, once I started seeing the shows put together and reading the scripts and everything and then we did the first year and saw that the ratings were strong and all that, that people were watching it, it just started to feel good and started to kind of make sense, because we all were -- we were having a great time making the shows and having the people who are having -- you know, that translated to people having a great time watching them. The writers kept coming up with and still do these really intricate plots and cons and character storylines. So as time has gone on, on the one hand, I thought, 'Wow, it's been five years, and when we're done with this season, it will have been 77 different, one-hour episodes of Leverage. It's pretty hard to believe, but here we are and we're still having a great time making them, and I hope to do many more seasons."
Can you talk at all about any of the great guest stars you're going to have in Season Five?
"Yes. This season, we have some really terrific guest stars. In the premiere, we have Cary Elwes and then, right after that, in the next show, we have Treat Williams. We've got Neil Hopkins, Steve Valentine, Marshall Teague and Danielle Turchini. We've got Ronny Cox and Fred Ward in one of my favorite episodes we've ever done, which is called 'The D.B. Cooper Job.' And that's where the team goes back in time to try to solve the disappearance of the hijacker D.B. Cooper. And that one is a terrific show. We have Matthew Lillard. And we have Mark Sheppard coming back. Then, we've got Adam Baldwin, Monty Markham and Willa Ford. So, yes, we have some really good guest stars and some more surprises that I'm not allowed to mention."
Sophie (Bellman) and Nate (Hutton) in  Leverage
Sophie (Bellman) and Nate (Hutton) in 'Leverage'
Romantically, what can we expect to see between Nate and Sophie this season?
"Well, with Nate and Sophie, I think what you'll see this season is, instead of there being as it was in the past, a conflict between the two of them whether or not they're going to work it out as a couple, I think that what you'll see from the beginning is that they really are, they really have come together as a couple, as working partners. And they're comfortable with one another and their trust of one another, most importantly has come to a point where they're able to have, finally, a much healthier relationship. Now, having said, it is Nate and Sophie, so I don't know how? They're both very dysfunctional kind of complicated people, so, we will see that things can't ever get too comfortable with them because of the nature of who they are."
Nate is always going back and forth with his battle with the bottle -- whether it's alcoholism or just drinking in general. With his father being killed last season, do you see him going further into the bottle or do you think he'll think, "That's the bottom," and then he'll start finding his way out and work his way into a recovery where he finds a balance?
"Well, I think with this new season, Nate is very, very interested in recovery. And I think he's very interested in being a determined, forward-thinking person and that he's been driven by the past and not really motivated by the present or the future as much as he would have liked to have been. So I think that as the fifth season begins, you will see that he's come back from a long trip where he was by himself. The Leverage team reassembles and it's kind of new Nate. He is much more available to others and he's not so internal. He doesn't take to the bottle. And, having said that, of course, one of the interesting things about approaching a season that way is that it allows the possibility for a cliff to have the character fall off."
The  Leverage  team in action
The 'Leverage' team in action
I hear the word trust coming up a lot in our chat. On Leverage, Nate has a really colorful crew, but what's the bottom line, do you think Nate is the most nervous about maybe switching sides or just disappearing?
"I really think that Nate has come a long way in this area of trust. Probably in the past he would have been most nervous about Parker (Riesgraf), you know, kind of suddenly disappearing or going wayward back to her old thieving ways, and possibly Eliot (Kane) becoming kind of a rogue mercenary or something. But, that's in the past. I don't think he views any of them as risks anymore. I think that he has a full trust of each one of them. And that's one of the things that happens -- you'll see in the fifth season there are a lot of situations where the team really, really could go one way or another or one individual in the team could go one way or the other and in terms of for the team or against the team, for themselves or for the team. And it's really kind of great what the writers have come up with, because you really see that this group of five people have become the only real family that any of them have ever had. And their reliance on one another is very deep. Their trust in one another, very strong and it's tested quite a few times in the fifth season in really interesting ways. But the bottom line is that it just keeps coming back that Nate feels very confident that he can trust all of them. Now, the great thing about having a character trust that completely is it allows the writers to betray that trust so you can look forward to that being a possible theme as well."
What are some of the other cons that might be happening in Season Five, and also is three sort of an overreaching arch aside from the trust, is there sort of a big bad or some other bigger goal that the team is going to be going after?
"The second part of your question, I'll go with first, which is another theme of the season -- that Nate has kind of decided that what the Leverage team does is a pretty interesting enterprise and maybe they should expand and really turn it into not just a group of five people that operate very quietly out of some unknown destination but to go global with this idea of helping other people and conning their way into situations to take down people who are abusing power or doing wrong to people, ripping them off, et cetera. So Nate had this idea that gets brought up in Season Five. It might be good to think much broader involving other individuals, other enterprises, far reaching, other countries, etcetera. That might sound vague, but I can't really say much more than that without giving too much away. As far as the different cons that happen and the industry targets, corporate targets, etcetera, I can run through a little bit -- we have an air freight company and the air freight industry, the Leverage team infiltrates and that's a fun one, there's a semi-pro hockey show that Treat Williams is in and it's a great Eliot episode. Christian Kane became an awesome hockey player just for this episode and trained and trained and trained, and that's an incredible episode involving the world of semi-professional sports -- hockey, specifically. There's another one having to do with intellectual property piracy and the Leverage team hears about a guy whose ideas have been stolen, so they go after the head of some company that's taken the idea. And they convince that guy who they've realized has a hobby of extraterrestrial life, a hobby in finding out, you know, who's out there and first contact and all that. And the Leverage team convinces this guy that he has actually made first contact with extraterrestrial life. And that's a great one. The guy goes completely off the rails, because he thinks that he's the first person and that he has the actually made radio contact with aliens. And then there's one having to do with the world of cooking schools and the Leverage team uses very rare truffles to bait a very bad, evil chef into, you know, making some missteps so that they can expose him. There's one having to do with the world of competitive cheerleading and a competitive cheerleading company. And in that same episode the Leverage team goes to Washington to try to change a bill that's on the floor involving cheerleading designation, whether it's designated a sport in high schools or an activity, and what the difference is. It's a really interesting episode that kind of explores that world and why it's different if it's called a sport versus an activity has to do with insurance coverage and has to do with state funding for schools. Then there's one that it took place in the ancient car, the exotic vintage car world. There's one in the U.S. engineering manufacturing clean energy, and one about reality manipulation. So, those are just a few of the situations that we have going on this year."
On another con with the  Leverage  team with their nemesis  Jim Sterling (Mark Sheppard)
On another con with the 'Leverage' team with their nemesis, Jim Sterling (Mark Sheppard)
You've directed music videos, the film Digging To China and several episodes of other television shows in the past. Is there any desire or any plans for you to go behind the camera on Leverage this season?
"Well, you know, I don't think that's something that I would do. First of all, we've got a group of really terrific directors, I mean, starting with Dean Devlin and then Jonathan Frakes (Star Trek: TNG) and John Rogers and Marc Roskin and a group of others. It's a very well-organized show. And I enjoy working with all of the directors. We have some new ones this year. And playing the role of Nate can be pretty time consuming and a lot of dialogue and whatnot. And I think it really isn't anything that I thought that I want to do. I mean, if they came to me and asked me to do one, if we ended up doing another season and there was a show where it made sense, I think it would be fun to direct one of the Leverage episodes. But, right now, it hasn't been anything that I really wanted to do. I really enjoy just -- and I have quite a full plate to play Nate."
Leverage: Season Four DVD Bonus Features: Audio Commentaries on All Episodes; Behind the Scenes of "The Long Job Down"; Writers' Room Job; Deleted Scenes from "The Long Job Down," "The Grave Danger Job," "The Experimental Job," "The Girls' Night Out Job," "The Boys' Night Out Job" & "The Last Dam Job" and a Gag Reel. ON THE NET: You can dig threw episode guides, show times, cast and crew biographies, upcoming airings, and even play games at the Official Leverage Site @
Episodes from Season Five of Leverage air every Sunday night at 8PM Eastern time on TNT in the U.S. (Check local listings)
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Centered on the tragic disappearance former of Mr. Gay Austria -- Aeryn Gillern -- Gone follows his mother's desperate search for answers when even the authorities have given up. Aeryn Gillern, is a researcher working at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization in Vienna and a former Mr. Gay Austria. His mother, Kathy Gilleran, is a twenty-year veteran police officer from Cortland, New York. On October 31st, 2007, Kathy receives a call from the U.N. with the news that Aeryn has disappeared. Upon her arrival in Vienna, police tell Kathy her son was last seen fleeing an exclusive men's sauna downtown, jumped into the Danube Canal and they have no interest in further investigating his case. Though her son's disappearance has been ruled a suicide, Kathy suspects there is more to the story. This riveting and haunting documentary seeks to unravel the mystery of Aeryn's whereabouts and uncover the reasons for the Viennese police's failure to assist Kathy as she searches for Aeryn and the truth. Gone was a Critic's Choice winner at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival, in addition to screening at San Francisco's Frameline Festival and taking home the Best Documentary award at NewFest 2011. DVD Bonus Features: A compilation of Kathy and Aeryn's home movies and a photo gallery. ON THE NET: To view scenes from Gone, click to * For more on the documentary, visit * On Facebook @ * And at Twitter @
The Three Stooges
Calling all knuckleheads! From the fiercely funny Farrelly Brothers (There's Something About Mary) comes this contemporary take on the world's most beloved classic comedy trio -- The Three Stooges! Left on the doorstep of a nun-conventional orphanage as toddlers, Moe, Larry, and Curly grow up eye-poking, face-slapping and head-clunking their way into adulthood. Now the bumbling trio -- pure of heart, but dim of wit -- find themselves on a madcap mission to save their childhood home from foreclosure. Can the Stooges survive the modern world, raise the money, and ultimately save the day? Why soitenly! Directed by the Farrelly Brothers (Peter & Bobby), The Three Stooges features an all-star cast that includes Jane Lynch, Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Hudson, Larry David, Sean Hayes, Craig Bierko, Will Sasso and Chris Diamantopoulos. Blu-ray Bonus Features: Deleted & Extended Scenes; "What’s The Big Idea?: A History of The Three Stooges"; "Knuckleheads: Behind The Scenes Of The Three Stooges"; "Did You Hear That?: The Three Stooges Sound Effects"; "Poifect! Casting The Three Stooges"; The Three Stooges Mash-Up and Original Screen Tests. ON THE NET: Visit the Official Site at or view the Official Trailer @
Casa De Mi Padre
From the gringos that brought you Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy comes the slapstick, action comedy, Casa De Mi Padre -- producer and star Will Ferrell, along with director Matt Piedmont, writer/producer Andrew Steele and producer Adam McKay, best known for their work on Saturday Night Live, takes audiences on a memorable, wild (west) ride. Will Ferrell plays a simple Mexican who is proud to work on his father’s ranch. But when the ranch is threatened by a dangerous drug lord played by Gael García Bernal (A Little Bit of Heaven, Babel), he must protect what he cares for the most. The film also stars Diego Luna (Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights), Genesis Rodriguez (Man on a Ledge), Efren Ramirez (Crank 2, Eastbound and Down) Adrian Martinez (Kick- Ass) with Pedro Armendáriz Jr. (Once Upon a Time in Mexico) and Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation). Blu-ray Bonus Features: A “making of” featurette; Deleted Scenes; “Fight for Love” music video; Commerciales and Audio Commentary with director Matt Piedmont, writer/producer Andrew Steele and Will Ferrell. ON THE NET: For the Official Trailer, head to
Bonanza The Third Season, Volumes 1 and 2
One of the longest running and most popular of all television programs, Bonanza has become a part of American mythology. For 14 seasons, audiences enthusiastically tuned in to follow Ben Cartwright and his three sons as they tackled High-Sierra adventures and hardships on their 1,000 acre ranch, the Ponderosa -- nestled amongst the pines above the shores of Lake Tahoe -- in an era of violence and lawlessness in mid-1800s Nevada. The show’s unique blend of action/adventure, personal relationships and emotions helped it stand the test of time with generations of viewers. Lorne Greene starred as Ben Cartwright, with Michael Landon as “Little Joe” Cartwright, Dan Blocker as Hoss Cartwright, Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright and Victor Sen Yung as the family’s cook, Hop Sing. Guest players were a veritable Who's Who of classic Hollywood and upcoming superstars, and timeless stories continue to appeal to contemporary audiences of all ages.
Volume One DVD Bonus Features: Cartwrights and Their Cars: Chevrolet Commercials Seldom Seen in 50 Years; New Audio Commentaries by special guest stars Sue Ane Langdon, Lisa Lu, Diane Mountford and Audrey Dalton in select episodes; Guest appearances by Lorne Greene and Dan Blocker in "The Scene Stealers"; Rare on-air promos; NBC and Chevrolet logos on select episodes and Extensive and rare episodes, behind-the-scenes and personal appearance photos. Volume 2 Bonus Features: Excerpt from "Henry Fonda and Family" with Don Blocker, Cara Williams and Henry Fonda; Audio Commentary by Andrew J. Klyde for "The Crucible"; "Betty Enidcott: Standout Stand-in" with Parnell Roberts and Betty Endicott; Original NBC logo, Promos, Bumpers and Chevrolet spots on "The Miracle Maker" and Exclusive and rare episodes, behind-the-scenes and personal appearance photos. ON THE NET: Check out clips, scenes and trailers on YouTube @
Salmon Fishing In The Yemen
From Lasse Hallstrom, the beloved director of Chocolat and the Oscar-winning screenwriter of Slumdog Millionaire, comes the inspirational comedy Salmon Fishing in the Yemen -- the critically acclaimed adaptation of Paul Torday's award-winning novel. A visionary sheik (Amr Waked, Syriana) believes his passion for the peaceful pastime of salmon fishing can enrich the lives of his people, and he dreams of bringing the sport to the not so fish-friendly desert -- sparing no expense. Emily Blunt (The Five-Year Engagement, The Young Victoria) stars as Harriet Chetwode-Talbot, a consultant working to bring a wealthy sheik's vision of salmon fishing to the desert. In order to complete this seemingly impossible task, Harriet recruits Britain's leading fisheries expert, Alfred Jones, played by Ewan McGregor (Star Wars, Trainspotting), who thinks the project absurd. That is, until the Prime Minister's overzealous press secretary (Kristen Scott Thomas, Sarah's Key) latches on to it as a "good will" story. Despite the odds, this unlikely pair embarks on an upstream journey to prove the impossible, possible and to make an outlandish dream come true. Blu-ray and DVD Bonus Features: The two featurettes: "Miracles Happen: Making Salmon Fishing in the Yemen" - a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film, as well as "The Fisherman in the Middle East: Novelist Paul Torday" - in which the author talks about his inspirations for the novel. ON THE NET: Visit the film's Official Site @ or visit the English Website @ (you need the Flash Player to view this website).
Warner Bros.
Scooby-Doo! Laff-A-Lympics: Spooky Games
Scooby-Doo! fans now have a chance to partake in one of the wackiest sporting events in animation with Scooby-Doo! Laff-A-Lympics: Spooky Games. Let the fun and games begin! Scooby-Doo! and the gang are off to compete at the World Invitational Games in the all-new 22-minute episode Spooky Games! And there’s no shortage of spookiness – the gang’s fun gets sidetracked when a 1,000-year-old statue comes to life and threatens the entire event! Will the games go on? The high jinks continue with world-hopping episodes of Hanna-Barbera’s competitive classic Scooby’s All-Star Laff-A-Lympics! Three teams enter, and all fun breaks loose! Grab a seat as the Scooby Doobies, the Yogi Yahooeys and the Really Rottens get ready, get set, and get into more eccentric events! From bullfights to mountain climbing, roller skating to leprechaun hunting, trek the globe to catch all of the animated antics! Special guest stars abound, including Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble. ON THE NET: For more on the DVD and to buy a copy, click to the WBShop @
Warner Bros.
A Perfect Murder
Wall Street titan Steven Taylor seems like a devoted husband. He isn't. Beautiful Emily Bradford Taylor seems like a faithful wife. She isn't. And when Steven hires Emily's lover to kill her, it seems like A Perfect Murder. It isn't. In fact, little is what it seems in this sleek thriller. Michael Douglas, Gwyneth Paltrow and Viggo Mortensen star in the Andrew Davis-directed A Perfect Murder, inspired by the play Dial M For Murder, filmed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1954. Fans of that classic will be in for a lot of surprises. So will Steven. At each unexpected twist in his "perfect" plot, he improvises brilliantly. But can he always stay one step ahead of the next jolt? Bonus Features: Alternate Ending and 2 Feature-length Audio Commentaries by Michael Douglas, Director Andrew Davis, Producer Peter MacGregor-Scott, Screenwriter Patrick and others. ON THE NET: Visit the Official Facebook Page @ for clips, trailers and more. * Check out these scenes from A Perfect Murder - "Enemies" @ and "Plans" @ * For more, surf to the Official WBShop @
Warner Bros.
What if someone's life was literally on the line and the power to save them was totally in your hands? For Ryan (Chris Evans) the choice begins with a frantic call from Jessica Martin (Academy Award-winner Kim Basinger). Having been kidnapped at gunpoint and locked in an undisclosed attic, Jessica pleads with Ryan to get help before her abductors return to kill her. With no way of knowing where she is, and relentless, high-stakes thrill ride through a world of lies and murder in this riveting, adrenaline pumping suspense thriller. The David R. Ellis-directed Cellular also stars William H. Macy, Jason Statham, Noah Emmerich and Eric Christian Olsen. Bonus Features: Deleted & Alternate Scenes; Three Riveting Featurettes: "Dialing Up Cellular," "Celling Out" and "Code of Silence: Inside The Rampart Scandal" and Filmmakers' Commentary. ON THE NET: Visit the Official Facebook Page @ for clips, trailers and more. * Check out these scenes from Cellular - "Left Field" @ and "Son" @ * For more, click to the Official WBShop @
Warner Bros.
Mean Streets
Mean Streets announced Martin Scorsese's arrival as a new filmmaking force -- and marked his first historic teaming with Robert De Niro. It's a story Scorsese lived, a semiautobiographical tale of the first-generation sons and daughters of New York's Little Italy. Harvey Keitel plays Charlie, working his way up the ranks of a local mob. Amy Robinson is Teresa, the girlfriend his family deems unsuitable. And in the star-making role that won Best Supporting Actor awards from the New York and National Society of Film Critics, De Niro is Johnny Boy, a small-time gambler in big-time debt to loan sharks. This Scorsese classic features a cast that includes Harvey Keitel, David Proval, Cesare Danova and Richard Romanus. Bonus Features: Commentary By Director Martin Scorsese, Mardik Martin and Amy Robinson and the Vintage Featurette "Back On The Block." ON THE NET: Visit the Official Facebook Page @ for clips, trailers and more. * Check out these scenes from Mean Streets - "Money" @ and "Bribe" @ * For more, click to the Official WBShop @
Warner Bros.
The Butterfly Effect
A young man (Ashton Kutcher) struggling to get over disturbing memories from his childhood discovers that he is able to travel back in time and alter events in the past. However, every change he makes transforms his life and that to those around him, often to unexpected and disastrous consequences. The Butterfly Effect also features performances from Amy Smart, Melora Walters, Eric Stoltz, Ethan Suplee, Logan Lerman, Elden Henson and William Lee Scott. Bonus Features: Director's Cut Of The Film; Theatrical Version Of The Film; "The Science And Psychology Of The Chaos Theory"; "The History and Allure Of Time Travel"; Director's Cut Fact Book; Director's Cut Commentary; The Creative Process; Storyboard Gallery and Deleted/Alternate Scenes. ON THE NET: Visit the Official Facebook Page @ for clips, trailers and more. * Check out these scenes from The Butterfly Effect - "Save Her" @ and "Bad Memories" @ * For more info, visit the Official WBShop @
Warner Bros.
The Butterfly Effect 2
It's nonstop suspense and action in this powerful sequel to the mega-hit, The Butterfly Effect. After a tragic accident claims the life of his girlfriend (Erica Durance), Nick (Eric Lively) discovers that he has the paranormal power to change the past and save her. But when he keeps going back to alter other events, he soon realizes that his actions have dire consequences for the present...and their future. This electrifying John R. Leonetti-directed sequel also stars Gina Holden, J.R. Bourne and Malcolm Stewart. Bonus Features: Audio Commentary By Director John R. Leonetti and Co-Producer Michael Stirling and "Altering Reality: On The Set Of The Butterfly Effect 2" Featurette. ON THE NET: Visit the Official Facebook Page @ for clips, trailers and more. * For more on The Butterfly Effect 2, click to the Official WBShop @
Warner Bros.
Just Cause
Buried deep in the Florida Everglades is a secret that can save an innocent man or let a killer kill again. Some thrillers make the mind race. Some keep the heart hammering. Sean Connery plays a Harvard Law professor who reopens a murder investigation based on an allegation that a confession was coerced by a maverick lawman. On the surface, it seems a straight-ahead case of the prisoner's guilt or innocence. But nothing really lies on the surface of this mystery climaxing in the Florida swamplands. Expect the unexpected. Directed by Arnold Glimcher, Just Cause features a stellar cast including Ed Harris, Laurence Fishburne, Ruby Dee, Kate Capshaw and Blair Underwood. ON THE NET: Visit the Official Facebook Page @ for clips, trailers and more. * For more info, click to the Official WBShop @
Warner Bros.
Murder In The First
The trial that brought down Alcatraz. Christian Slater, Kevin Bacon and Gary Oldman star in this compelling, fact-based story of the trial that shut down the dungeons of Alcatraz. In a haunting performance, Bacon plays convict Henri Young. His crime: heisting $5 for his starving sister. His fate: worse than death. He's confined to the dungeons after a failed escape -- an isolation lasting three mind-shattering years. When Henri at last emerges, he's confused, savage, barely human...and he quickly slays the stoolie who ratted on his escape. It's an open-and-shut case of Murder One. But a resolute attorney has another option. He and Henri will put Alcatraz and its sadistic associate warden (Oldman) on trial. Directed by Marc Rocco, Murder In The First features a cast that includes William H. Macy, Brad Dourif, Embeth Davidtz and R. Lee Ermey. ON THE NET: Visit the Official Facebook Page @ for clips, trailers and more. * For more info, head to the Official WBShop @
Warner Bros.
Next of Kin
Next of Kin's action blasts through Chicago right from the get-go. The mob wants to muscle in on a local business but they make two mistakes. They kill a youth whose brother is a cop. And that cop is Truman Gates (Patrick Swayze), transplant from Appalachia's backwoods to Chicago's mean streets. John Irvin directs this deadly clash that traps Truman between the mountain code of retribution and the badge he wears. Adam Baldwin, Liam Neeson, Ben Stiller, Bill Paxton and Academy Award-winner Helen Hunt get caught in the fireworks. This is war. And when the country boys of Next Of Kin hit the city, someone better head for the hills! ON THE NET: Visit the Official Facebook Page @ for clips, trailers and more. * For more info, surf to the Official WBShop @
Warner Bros.
Hard To Kill
He's LA Detective Mason Storm (Steven Seagal). Three hired assassins left him for dead. And he's waited seven years to even the score. A corrupt politician and his hitmen have gunned down Los Angeles detective Mason Storm and left him for dead. But they'll find out the hard way. Storm is Hard To Kill. The Bruce Malmuth-directed film also stars William Sadler, Kelly LeBrock, Frederick Coffin and Bill Sadler. ON THE NET: Visit the Official Facebook Page @ for clips, trailers and more. * For additional info on Hard To Kill, click to the Official WBShop @
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